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6 Things You Need to Know About Dating an Aries

You're about to embark on what could be an exciting, heated adventure: dating an Aries. This is no small feat, because these pioneers of the zodiac have no interest in being average. It would behoove you to learn as much as possible about this Mars-ruled sign (you probably don't want to tick off someone connected to the god of war), so read on to get the lowdown on your headstrong honey.

Your Aries desires your full attention… It's not an option to zone out when you're with your Aries. You're going to need to be fully present on each date. This doesn't mean you always have to be a total chatterbox yourself, but you have to be honest enough to admit when you can't be totally focused. ADD-infused chats won't fly with these zodiac chiefs.

But you should play a little hard-to-get. It's okay to be smitten with your Aries. However, this Fire sign isn't apt to take the easy way out. If the typical Ram senses that you're wrapped around his or her finger a little too soon, it may send the message that you're not worth having. This doesn't mean that you should act aloof or pick pointless fights. On the contrary, to earn your date's respect, stand up for what you believe even when Aries disagrees, and don't automatically bend to their every whim.

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Go light on the sarcasm. Your Aries boo will appreciate banter, but you might need to suit up in body armor if you lay on the sarcasm too thick. Whereas wit involves playing with words and meaning, sarcasm happens when you say what you don't really mean. For this straightforward and sometimes touchy sign, one too many cutting remarks can sound like a conversation-killing record scratch.

Make sure your actions speak for themselves. Aries folks tend to be energy junkies. They've got loads of it and like to inspire it in others. Keep your Aries on his or her toes by planning exciting dates, like late-night salsa dancing, and allow your enthusiasm to shine. But when you're not feeling as gung-ho as your mate, you might want to show your appreciation another way. Like most Fire signs, Aries laps up displays of affection and then returns the favor tenfold.

Don't beat around the bush. An Aries wants you to say what you mean and mean what you say. Rams don't have a lot of patience, so get to the point already.. Tackle the juicy parts of a conversation right away or summarize before you give the long version. Even if you're sharing a painful truth (Think: "No, I don't love that new hair-do."), Aries usually prefers the rip-off-the-Band-Aid method.

Be yourself. The bottom line: Typically, this sign is one of those cases where what you see is what you get, and that's what they expect from their partners. If you're real and genuine and have already caught an Aries' eye, chances are they'll stick around.

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