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4 Craziest Zodiac Signs in Bed

In the boudoir, everyone's got a gift. For example, it's probably no surprise that Fixed signs tend to have the best stamina, while Fire signs are typically masters of spontaneous sex. However, there are a few signs that are a bit freakier than the rest.

Here's a no-brainer: As the sign that rules sex, Scorpio usually tops any hook-up list. This Fixed Water sign lives to probe the dark side of the psyche, and when it comes to getting it on, they're prone to the most bizarre fetishes out there. A Scorpio's crazy kink may take you by surprise, and will likely leave an impression.

Sagittarius, a Fire sign, has feistiness to spare, and thanks to their Mutable quality, is down to go with the flow. Not to mention, this sign rules adventure. Sagittarius natives may want to try everything at least once. They thrive on exploration and are blessed with big appetites for life. Between the sheets they offer the snowflake treatment: No two experiences are ever alike.

Sure, Capricorn comes off as prim and proper, but don't be deceived. When the lights dim and clothes come off, the mild-mannered Goat is likely to transform into a party animal. This take-charge Cardinal sign usually has no trouble commanding in bed and gets a boost of sensuality from their Earth element. Plus, Capricorn is an overachiever, so aren't apt to disappoint with their performance.

Cerebral Aquarius natives aren't just book smart—they're inclined to put their brainpower to good use by devising new ways to please their partners. Possibly the quirkiest member of the zodiac, Aquarius also has a tendency to be one of the most unconventional signs in the sack. This sign will pull tricks out of their magic hat that have never crossed your mind… but dazzle nonetheless.

Image via Julia Wheeler and Veronika Laws/Getty Images

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