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5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Get Fired

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Every horoscope sign has its professional weaknesses, and sure, any sign can land in a bad work environment. However, some members of the zodiac seem to have a special knack for clashing with their superiors. Here are the five signs that most need to wise up to avoid getting the ax.

Pisces' kindness and concern for others is generally a virtue, but at work, this trait could make them seem flaky or unreliable. They may come into the office with baggage better left for the therapist's couch. When a Pisces feels stressed, they usually feel the urge to escape and turn inward, perhaps even alienating others. Too many unexcused "mental health days" taken to recover from emotional burdens can wear on an employer. Instead, Pisces natives need to sometimes check their feelings at the door and channel their desire to help others into becoming a model employee.

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While Leo natives are known to be natural leaders, when they're not at the helm, they can be bossy, haughty and overdramatic. For some Leos, following orders is a foreign concept, which may cause friction and become tedious for the person who actually is in charge. Having people at work who know how to fall in line and get the job done is essential for an efficient and productive team. Until Leo makes it to the top, they need to play the part of the good soldier.

Rams might find themselves on the chopping block for similar reasons. Not only do Aries natives bristle at orders, but they are apt to blatantly disregard directives and do things their own way instead. Sure, their entrepreneurial, independent spirits can produce results, but when working with others, their "my way or the highway" attitude might result in bad blood. Aries needs to look for ways to take charge without steamrolling everyone else. And if they can find a boss with a similar vision, they'll up their chances for success.

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Despite being loyal and committed to the core, Scorpio may react to perceived injustice in devious and covert ways. Sometimes scheming works to their advantage, but often it backfires and turns colleagues into enemies. Scorpios' need for control and their jealousy may lead them to be thrown under the bus when review time rolls around. This sign should work through their emotional hang-ups themselves—without lashing out at others. Rather than seeing people as obstacles, Scorpios should start looking at them as allies.

Gemini has a reputation for being smart, communicative and enthusiastic. Trouble is, this sign is also inclined to be distracted, disorganized and scattered. They often look at deadlines as moving goalposts rather than as set in stone. Plus their anxiety may make them seem constantly frazzled to clients or superiors, and their tendency to multitask can cause mistakes. A Gemini's path to success: Focus on doing one thing at a time and completing one task before moving onto the next. As a matter of fact, that's great career advice for every sign!

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