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12 Ways to Create an Inspirational Workspace

Work should be a place we want to spend time, and for many of us it is. But even a dream job can find us dragging our feet sometimes. To stay motivated during your 9-to-5, spruce up your desk, office or cubicle using these tips, which are tailored for every rising sign. Your rising sign rules your identity and purpose in life, two things that are essential to both feeling inspired and performing your best at work. If you don't know your rising sign you can access your birth chart—as well as your daily rising sign horoscope—for free by becoming a MySign member (unlock your birth chart and learn about all member benefits here!).

Aries Rising
There's nothing that revs you up more than your own creative vision. Active, motivated and full of personal intention, you are someone who likes to see things manifest your way. Construct a vision board for your office where you can post symbols of all the things you would like to achieve—and then delight in seeing your ideas come to fruition.

Taurus Rising
An unattractive environment is a total mood killer for you. Make sure that your surroundings appeal to your good taste. Because Taurus rising people are into pleasant aromas as well as visual aesthetics, consider stocking your workspace with essential oils. They're subtle, natural and easy to use. Plus, some scents like cinnamon and orange are thought to boost productivity and focus!

Gemini Rising
Boredom and routine bring out the worst in you, so create a space that's mentally stimulating. Start with a 365-page tear-off quote calendar (preferably one that makes you laugh or think). Or you could bookmark a word, song or tarot card website to fill up on different food for thought every morning.

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Cancer Rising
Emotional relationships and feeling connected are fundamental to your well-being. Surround yourself with pictures of family and friends or birthday cards from loved ones. But also consider how a thoughtful note for your intern or coffee buddy could make you feel completely alive. You may want to stash some stationary in your desk drawers for such an occasion.

Leo Rising
You don't need a marble bust of your favorite president or leader on your desk, but it wouldn't hurt to pin up a small picture of a personal hero or role model. For you, life is about honor, and having a reminder of who you look up to and the type of person you'd like to become can go a long way to motivate you.

Virgo Rising
Your desk is a sacred space; maintaining order is a top priority! But who are we kidding, you probably already own all the coolest new organizing tools. However, in your quest to keep things clean, don't eliminate reminders of your productivity goals. Prominently post images and notes that bring to mind your objectives, so you can easily reference them as you work your way towards becoming employee of the year.

Libra Rising
People put pep in your step, and any opportunity for you to cultivate relationships is a must. Try to think of ways you could turn your workspace into a bit of a social hub. Maybe this means making your area home to a communal candy dish or the office suggestion box. Or you can stay involved by keeping a calendar of company social events close at hand.

Scorpio Rising
Passion lights a fire under you. Everything from your screensaver to your desk knick-knacks should move you emotionally. Ask yourself: What do you love most? Whether cooking, boating or a mystery novel, surround yourself with reminders of your No. 1 love in order to remain at the top of your game.

Sagittarius Rising
Picture yourself in the most exciting adventure possible. Now bring that energy into your cubicle. Whether it's a fabulous city or the outdoorsy trip of a lifetime, tack images of your dream destination to a picture board. And don't forget to add your favorite philosophical quotes to the mix. Truth and discovery really help you shine.

Capricorn Rising
Displaying past achievements may give you a nudge to work and earn more. If you have awards or recognitions, place them where you can readily see them, and frame media clips that pay tribute to your success (nothing gaudy, just in your line of sight). But along with these accolades, you'll also want to showcase photos of your family—nothing motivates you more.

Aquarius Rising
Because you are such a fan of community, you'll want to represent all of your most cherished relationships and causes in your decor. For example, you may want to exhibit all of those thank-you notes and invites from your favorite charities. Don't forget that you are a part of something bigger—it's what drives you.

Pisces Rising
Put your artistic eye to good use by hanging inspirational pieces around your office. Just make sure the art moves you to work, not daydream. Choose uplifting paintings or brightly colored prints to stay driven and positive around the clock.

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