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7 Ultimate Zodiac Friendships

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Though love compatibility is a major point of interest for astrology experts and newbies alike, the stars can also tell us a great deal about friendships. Ideal friend matches often come in pairings of the same sign, same element oar opposite signs, according to astrologer Samuel Reynolds. But like any celestial expectation, there are always exceptions to the rules.

In honor of Best Friends Day on June 8, let's take a look at the zodiac's ultimate BFF pairs. Where do you and your pals fall?

Scorpio + Pisces
Because Water signs are naturally emotionally present, they make excellent friends in general, Reynolds says. They will often allow you to just be where you are with your feelings rather than try to cheer you up or divert the conversation, he explains. For this reason, the similarly intuitive Scorpio and Pisces tend to find solace in each other, especially during tough times.

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Taurus + Cancer
Fixed signs, like Taurus natives, pride themselves on being dependable, steady people, according to Reynolds. At the same time, Cancer, an empathetic Water sign, is known to be a great listener. Between the Bull's reliability and the Crab's compassion, these two can become solid rocks for one another and form a stable, satisfying connection.

Capricorn + Aquarius
"Some famous friendship combos occur between signs are next to each other," Reynolds says. (Just look at Capricorn Gayle King and Aquarian Oprah Winfrey!) "These signs don't get each other as readily, but their zodiac neighborliness helps them understand each other." Cap is practical while Aquarius is more visionary, so both stand to gain something from the relationship.

Aries + Gemini
This combination works well, as they're considered two of the zodiac's free spirits. Like a Capricorn-Aquarius match, these partners in crime may pool their strengths to support one another's weaker points. Gemini supplies the intellectual curiosity, while Aries provides the drive, making these two especially likely to turn their friendship into a successful business endeavor.

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Leo + Leo
BFFs of the same sign work out pretty well because they're innately on the same page, explains Reynolds. Of course, this doesn't mean that this leonine coupling is free from drama all the time. "When two Leos are able to share the limelight, they can be the best of friends," he says. "But at times when there can only be one person in the spotlight, then they might run into problems."

Libra + Cancer
Typically indecisive, Libra natives often turn to their comrades for advice. And who better to guide the Scales than a comforting Cancer? This sign, known for its can-do way of looking at any situation, can help Libra formulate a course of action. Likewise, social Libras may have a way of coaxing Cancer natives out of their shells.

Sagittarius + Virgo
"Mutable signs crave variety the most," Reynolds says, so Sag and Virgo natives can keep each other on their toes. While probably not as spontaneous as Sagittarius, Virgo may be more apt to go with the flow than others when Sag changes directions—which can be frequent! Plus, Sag's scholarly pursuits jibe with Virgo's quest for information.

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