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Best and Worst Travel Habits of Each Sign

Aries: Action-oriented Rams tend to charge forth with a jam-packed itinerary, and while they'll see every ruin in Rome, the Aries-born don't always stop to soak in the culture and way of life. Overly goal-oriented sightseeing can cause tourist burnout, yet these ambitious travelers are also bound to make the most of their vacations, allowing them to come away with a richer understanding of the locale.

Travel tip: Pair a busy morning of touring with a leisurely afternoon of exploring.

Taurus: Ask a Taurus where he or she "summers," and you're sure to get a pat answer. Taurus natives on vacation can often be found at their favorite tried-and-true holiday spot, likely in the same room in the same hotel they always stay in. Can you say predictable? This sign definitely knows how to relax—and where to get the best gourmet meal around—but a Taurus generally doesn't bust out of the comfort zone and can therefore miss out on amazing new experiences.

Travel tip: Check out last-minute airfares to get inspired by a new locale.

Gemini: Similar to an Aries, a Gemini traveler tends to be overly ambitious when planning a trip. Instead of choosing a few destinations—or even just one awesome vacation spot—Twins will often plan a whirlwind tour of an entire country or coastline. At the same time, when traveling abroad, this communicative sign with an ear for languages easily strikes up conversations that provide info, like a shortcut to the next stop.

Travel tip: Book a cruise with ports-of-call that each offer something unique.

Cancer: As the sign that rules the home, a Cancer can become a bit too focused on the hotel or resort stay. Sure, a huge, all-inclusive resort can sound convenient, but if an entire Jamaican vacation is spent poolside, then why bother breaking out the passport? However, when venturing out to explore, a Cardinal sign like this excels at taking the initiative. Leave it to an intuitive Cancer to make a nicely balanced itinerary that combines downtime with fun adventures.

Travel tip: Just spend the last couple nights at a luxe hotel to arrive home refreshed and pampered.

Leo: Energetic Lions are considered adventurous, enthusiastic travelers likely to be up for anything from hiking a volcano in Ecuador to wine tasting in Sonoma. When the inevitable travel mishaps like a cancelled flight occur, Leo's optimism guarantees that the entire trip won't be ruined. However, they're sometimes not cautious enough when it comes to things like wearing a secure money belt, bringing along a map or wearing enough sunscreen. These little "oops" moments can cost an afternoon much better spent hitting the sights.

Travel tip: Utilize the hotel room safe, even if there's a minor charge for it.

Virgo: An adaptable Mutable quality combines with a resilient, grounded Earth element to make Virgo possibly the ultimate traveler. Cool, calm and collected Virgo natives are known to be unflappable and ultraprepared. This is the sign that's apt to be armed with a backpack full of essentials to get through a day in the jungle or on the beach. But an earnest, studious Virgo may also resist coloring outside the lines, buried in the guidebook instead of being in the moment.

Travel tip: Wander and "get lost" on purpose just to see where the day takes you.

Libra: Ruled by the planet of beauty, Libras are famous for their appreciation of small luxuries and their eye for artistry. Yet a Libra traveler might be too busy hitting the stores to bother with a fascinating walking tour. The historic relevance of a Moroccan souk, for example, can be lost on a Libra too distracted by the pretty, shiny things. Regardless, this sunny, sociable sign ends up on a first-name basis with everyone and gathers valuable intel while doing so.

Travel tip: Visit a museum with a great gift shop, scheduling time for browsing afterwards.

Scorpio: In contrast to a Libra traveler, a Scorpio isn't likely to befriend the entire tour bus, because this sign tends to be more reserved, if not a loner. In fact, unless making friends is the aim, Scorpio prefers not to be distracted from whatever the focus of the trip. Still, as they fly under the radar, they tend to be particularly observant and respectful of local customs. Fitting in can be key, but in many cases Scorpio could do with a little loosening up and widening of their perspective.

Travel tip: Find a resort that offers group tours and classes such as tennis lessons.

Sagittarius: As travelers, Sags seem to fly by the seat of their pants, as if their excitement alone propels them from one destination to the next. Without a plan, reservations or itinerary, this impulsive sign is apt to blow their entire budget on a single item, like scalped concert tickets or a last-minute upgrade to a suite. Luckily, their positive outlook and adaptable Mutable quality help them roll with the punches, hidden fees and all.

Travel tip: Before heading out on the road, set a per diem and create a splurge fund for impulse buys.

Capricorn: Earth signs like Capricorn are often motivated by financial security, but combined with Cap's love for prestige and innate ambition, this is one sign that wants to travel in style—a box at the opera and five-star hotels. Being such a stickler means that they can miss out on more authentic, organic experiences. Yet with Goats, where there's a will there's a way, and somehow they always seem to know just the right person who can get them exclusive tours or a table at the hottest restaurant.

Travel tip: Rent a house or apartment with all of the comfort but more of the authenticity.

Aquarius: Known as the revolutionary of the zodiac, Aquarius is quick to embrace new experiences and cultures. Yet they might dismiss Big Ben or Westminster Abbey as stodgy and patriarchal or just yawn and head for the Tate Modern. Not valuing the history, however, can take away from the experience. Even if they miss out on this enriching element, the friendly Aquarius-born love to engage with the locals and will likely sniff out the most off-the-beaten-path, insider spots, like the island's best roti or a secluded beach.

Travel tip: Head to the local history museum at the end of the trip to put your experiences in context.

Pisces: Mutable Pisces is probably the sign that goes with the flow most easily. Laid-back to the max, Fish can be so preoccupied with their own creative or intellectual pursuits, their attitude about travel is often "come what may." While it's very useful to have this type of outlook when there are hiccups, Pisces are apt either to not do any planning or just leave it to the last minute. These dreamy, gentle souls are also prone to forgetfulness, sometimes creating their own snafus unnecessarily.

Travel tip: Make the "keys, wallet, phone" mantra your out-the-door routine.

Image via Chris Tobin/Getty Images

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