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What Kind of Wedding Guest Are You?

Some signs are typically the life of the party, while others are a little more reserved at weddings. Read on to find out if you—or your date—are more likely to dominate the dance floor, hang back at the buffet or befriend the bridal party.

Aries: The lively Ram usually has no problem racking up new friends at this sort of gathering. In fact, you may see Aries switching seats at his or her dinner table in order to get to know everyone, possibly even a few admirers.

Taurus: Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, Taurus will probably be one of the party's most dapper-looking guests. Taurus natives appreciate good food, drinks and people, so they won't leave the party without making merry. However, don't be surprised if you see this prudent Earth sign taking a break from the festivities to give career advice to a wayward cousin of the bride.

Gemini: Born embellishers and storytellers, Gemini natives might hold court during the reception, entertaining fellow guests with tall tales. This ultra-social sign is also likely to score digits—either from a potential business liaison or maybe just an interested member of the bridal party.

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Cancer: Though you might not expect Crabs to stray from their shells, Cancers thrive around their loved ones. When they're in the mood, they'll dance like nobody's watching and catch up with their treasured friends and family. And they're inclined to be generous when it comes to giving gifts to their nearest and dearest, to boot.

Leo: Sunny Leos are known for appreciating the spotlight, but they don't like stealing someone else's thunder. They'll listen and hang back if someone is dominating the conversation before turning on their natural charm. Of course, this doesn't mean they'll shy away from getting the party started—or even leading the conga line—on the dance floor.

Virgo: Virgos may be drawn to friends or family members they haven't seen in a while, making a point to get reacquainted and reminisce. If this Mercury-ruled sign comes in as a couple, they're apt to find another pair they connect with and happily spend the evening gabbing about news, business or anything else they find fascinating. The same is true of single Virgos: They'll find a like-minded individual and talk the night away.

Libra: Libras thrive at weddings. These social butterflies love to chat with old friends, meet new people, get their groove on and wear pretty things. However, this diplomatic sign tends to keep things light at such an occasion. In other words, when that buttoned-up uncle enters a heated debate with the bride's bohemian friend, Libra might try to politely restore order and then quickly float off to the next conversation.

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Scorpio: Natives of this sign tend to be more reserved with people they don't know, so you won't typically see Scorpio being overly silly. However, they are known to be incredibly loyal. If they're close friends of the bride or groom, you may find them happily serving on guest book duty, helping the bride with her bustle or doing anything else they can. And, if Scorpios find the right group of people, they might let down their hair a little on the dance floor.

Sagittarius: As one of the most adventurous signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius is likely to gravitate toward other pranksters. Want to deck out the groom's car with tin cans and a "Just Married" banner? Sagittarius is your guy or gal. In addition, Sags tend to be the most easygoing of the Fire signs because of their Mutable nature, so they'll fit in and have fun in even unfamiliar crowds.

Capricorn: While Caps have a reputation for being serious, they're actually adept at mingling. They enjoy networking among many different people, hearing and sharing interesting ideas. Plus, you can count on Capricorn to delight people with dry wit or some unexpected zingers.

Aquarius: There is no way Aquarius—the ultimate people person—won't find his or her niche at a wedding. You'll probably find natives of this sign collecting interesting new friends and engaging in lively discussions. Once the reception ends, Aquarius prolongs the fun by heading to the after-party with their new crew—this Air sign is happy to go where the wind takes them.

Pisces: This sign is apt to survey the scene and wait until people they like cross their paths. They have a knack for fitting in anywhere and seem to get along with almost anyone. Interestingly, this Mutable Water sign has a way of influencing conversations without saying more than a couple of words. They'll open up more around like-minded people who seem to "get" them. Otherwise, they'll be receptive listeners to whichever wedding guests need an ear.

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