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Best Birthday Cakes for Gemini

With such an array of ever-changing interests, Gemini natives love to keep us guessing. However, this sign's core personality traits clue us into the types of sweet treats that will usually hit the spot for the Twins. Check out a few birthday cakes and confections that best celebrate Gemini.

Angel-Devil Cupcakes
The contrast of rich, chocolate devil's food cake topped with simple vanilla frosting is a nod to the Twins' dual nature. Finished off with colorful confetti sprinkles, these confections have a playfulness that will probably speak to Gemini's kid-at-heart personality.

Strawberry Chambord Cake

Strawberry season coincides with the Sun's transit through Gemini, so why not put this fruit front and center? In addition to the fresh berries that top this cake, its complex flavors include vanilla batter mixed with Chambord, a raspberry liqueur, plus creamy frosting and coulis (a fruit syrup). Gemini natives often have so many interests that they have trouble limiting themselves to just one hobby, making this multilayered, multidimensional cake the perfect choice.

Meyer Lemon Meringue Tart

A proper Gemini birthday celebration requires flavors as bright and zesty as their enthusiastic personalities! This tangy tart made with sweeter-than-average Meyer lemons features a light, flaky, buttery crust, as well as an air-whipped meringue topping (a fitting edible tribute to the zodiac's first Air sign). The clincher? Bright lemon yellow is Gemini's signature color. To make your own, use your favorite lemon tart recipe, but substitute Meyer lemons.

All photos courtesy of The Artful Gourmet

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