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Best Spa Treatments by Horoscope Sign

Take a look at a typical spa menu, and the array of choices can be dizzying. Do you want a hydrating facial or an oxygen facial? Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone or acupressure massage? To help you decide on the perfect pampering treatment, we've tapped into each horoscope sign's attributes and personality, whether you're the type that wants to unwind or feel invigorated. Of course, you can't go wrong with any of these glorious indulgences, but an afternoon of beautifying that fits your lifestyle can help you find your bliss—at least for the day.

Aries: HydraFacial with LED Light Therapy

Always willing to try new things, Aries are often ahead of the curve when it comes to beauty innovations. Since this driven sign likes to multitask, Aries may gravitate towards a spa treatment that focuses on the face and head, which this sign is linked to, like a facial that does triple duty exfoliating, hydrating and firming. Incorporating two of the latest trends in skincare, the Ultimate Hydradermabrasion Experience at the Ole Henriksen Face/Body Spa in Los Angeles uses LED light therapy and the HydraFacial process, making it perfect for the cutting-edge Ram.

Taurus: Aromatherapy Body Buff

Ruled by the pleasure planet, Venus, a Taurus adores rich sensory experiences, from a gourmet meal to a state-of-the-art sound system. Plus, an Earth sign knows how to chill, so when Taurus natives want a truly relaxing yet stimulating experience, they should plan for an aromatherapy body treatment that excites their senses. Bliss Spa, with locations across the nation, entices with the deliciously named carrot-and-sesame body buff. Why not follow it up with the Rhythm & 'Bliss' massage, during which you can listen to a music mix on noise-canceling headphones. Can you say, "ahhh"?

Gemini: Soothing Manicure

Since ultra-expressive Geminis are known for talking with their hands and wildly gesticulating, it makes sense that this sign is associated with the hands, fingers and arms. A soothing manicure accompanied by a hand-and-arm massage fits the bill for this always-on-the-go sign who often needs a reason to sit down and be quiet. For instance, Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa menus include a milk-and-honey manicure that is sure to ease the stress and tension that a hectic Gemini's life is known to create.

Cancer: Thalassotherapy

A Water sign ruled by the Moon, Cancer is apt to enjoy any type of spa day that includes aquatic treatments, whether it's a Vichy shower or just a dip in the Jacuzzi. Yet when it can be found, a spa with thalassotherapy can be an immensely rejuvenating experience for Cancer. Defined by its use of salt water enriched with minerals and algae, thalassotherapy practice banks on the therapeutic effects of warm seawater, but the Ayana Resort in Bali takes it to another level. An hour spent in the resort's large Aquatonic therapy pool overlooking the exquisite Balinese coastline will feel like a dip in the fountain of life.

Leo: Thai Massage

This active, athletic sign is one that may benefit from the less delicate but equally soothing types of massage, like deep tissue or Hawaiian lomilomi. Strenuous yet relaxing Thai massage may be ideal for Lions because it's also interactive. The therapist stretches, applies strong pressure and even walks on the client's back to work out and limber up tense muscles. Plus, Leo rules the back and spine, so a treatment that concentrates on the upper body could be the Lion's spa catnip. Various Exhale Spa outposts offer the Thai Stretch massage, which blends yoga and acupressure for an experience that stimulates the body and centers the mind.

Virgo: Detox Body Wrap

The sign of the Virgin is associated with purity of both mind and body. Even more, the sixth house, ruled by Virgo, represents a person's healthy habits and fitness routine, so detoxifying treatments can make a perfect match for this earthy sign who prefers natural therapies. The original Canyon Ranch location in Tucson, Arizona, has the ultimate detox body wrap, using warm sheets of fabric soaked in an herbal concoction. It's the kind of treatment to put this sometimes overly analytical sign's mind—and body—at ease.

Libra: Gemstone or Hot Stone Massage

Like Taurus, Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, so this typically stylish sign is known to love all of life's luxuries, like silky fabrics, plush interiors and, of course, jewelry. Whether or not the healing properties of precious gems can be confirmed, it's still a treat to have them, say, working out the kinks in your muscles. The spa at the Trump Hotel Las Vegas takes the lead on gemstone therapy with their signature treatments, like the Purifying Diamonds massage, Calming Sapphires massage and Balancing Emeralds massage. Failing that, a hot stone massage that concentrates on the lower back, ruled by Libra, could make this sign's day.

Scorpio: Mud Bath

It's not exactly a nod to Scorpio's intense sensuality to say that this sign doesn't mind getting dirty, but it is thought to be true nonetheless. Scorpios are known for their proclivity to dig deep in order transform themselves, and a great mud bath, while seemingly icky, is nothing if not transformative. After they emerge feeling younger and more invigorated, fans say that the experience is relaxing, detoxifying and skin nourishing, likely due to the volcanic ash and complex minerals in mud from geothermal areas like Calistoga, California. There, a number of spas and resorts like Calistoga Ranch make both indoor and outdoor mud baths available, creating the ultimate start to a total body makeover.

Sagittarius: Invigorating Body Scrub

Always in motion, a Sagittarius may desperately need a relaxing spa day but might not be able to sit still long enough to really enjoy one. Enter the invigorating body scrub, which can appease Sag's need for constant stimulation and help reclaim the glow characteristic of this young-at-heart sign. As the travelers of the zodiac, Sagittarius natives are apt to find themselves in far-flung destinations, like The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua in Maui. The resort's spacious spa promises nirvana in the form of the Cocolicious Cocoon, during which you're scrubbed down with coconut-infused sea salt and then wrapped in a coconut oil and cocoa butter "cocoon", surely one of the only ways to keep a Sag in one place.

Capricorn: Vinotherapy Facial

Though a frugal Earth sign, Capricorns have a soft spot for status symbols like nice cars, five-star hotels and fine wine. Caps are known to be extraordinarily hard-working and ambitious, which can lead to total burnout, so a quiet hour in the hands of an aesthetician will surely revitalize natives of this sign. The world-renowned Caudalie has created the Vinotherapie series employing the antioxidant and exfoliating qualities of wine and grapes. Offered at several of their locations, Caudalie's Premier Cru Facial uses specially formulated techniques like rollers and a hydrogel mask to help erase those worry lines. And afterwards? A glass of vino, of course.

Aquarius: Rejuvenating Pedicure

Achilles' heel might as well be renamed Aquarius' heel, since the sign rules the ankle, shins and calves. Because they've got both the abundant energy (Air element) and the stamina (Fixed quality), Water Bearers, like their symbol, are usually heading somewhere, so they should take a load off with a restorative pedicure. New York's Jin Soon Hand and Foot Spas are just the place for Aquarians to give their hooves special treatment, and the Magic Clay Slipper, including a sugar scrub and a clay foot-and-leg mask, is like a facial for the feet.

Pisces: Reflexology

Deeply sensitive, dreamy and often mystical, a Pisces might be the first sign to explore alternative therapies, from homeopathy to ayurveda. The sign rules the feet, which suggests that the Pisces-born would really enjoy reflexology, essentially a foot massage that is designed to balance the body's energy, or chi, to encourage overall wellness. In many cities, reflexology therapists and foot massage spas can be found all over the place. Yet with Pisces' adventurous spirit, a week of reflexology and other ayurvedic treatments at the stunning Ananda Spa set in the Himalayan foothills would be the trip of a lifetime for the sign of the Fish.

Images via Calistoga Ranch, Caudalie, Jin Soon

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