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What's Your Perfect Workout?

Bored with morning runs or 30-minute slogs on the elliptical machine? Mix up your usual routine by trying a fresh fitness trend that speaks to your true nature. By picking a workout that appeals to your zodiac sign traits, you might just find something you're willing to stick with through bathing suit season and beyond. (Of course, before you pick any exercise program, you'll want to check with a doctor to make sure it's right for where you're at physically.)

Best workout for Aries: Pound
Have you ever noticed how many famous performers are Aries? (Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and Diana Ross are just a few.) It could be because natives of this exuberant sign love a splashy outlet for all their energy. That's why Pound—a cardio class that involves drumming along to pulsing beats with weighted sticks—is perfect for the Ram. As Aries exercisers burn calories and build muscle, they'll also get to feel like rock stars.

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Best workout for Taurus: Rowing
Spin classes are so two years ago. Indoor rowing studios mimic the format of a cycling class (with thumping tunes and an instructor that tells you what to do), but use rowing machines instead. These superefficient sessions get right down to business (which Taurus probably digs), providing a challenging cardio workout while also toning the entire body. Plus, Taurus, as a Fixed Earth sign, might appreciate that this style of training lets them remain seated. Dedicated rowing studios have recently popped up in select regions, including South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Best workout for Gemini: Interval training
With a notoriously short attention span, Gemini needs a workout that will keep things moving. High-intensity interval or boot-camp classes, where exercisers complete a series of quick bursts of exercise, should provide enough stimulation for the Twins. One great option is Barry's Bootcamp (available in select cities), which mixes up every session, so studio-goers never know what to expect.

Best workout for Cancer: At-home fitness programs
Crabs may feel most comfortable sweating at home, and that's okay—Cancer has plenty of options for getting a good workout without leaving the nest. Where once only Jane Fonda-esque tapes existed, now there's a whole host of at-home fitness systems that provide months' worth of video DVDs and training plans. In addition to the oh-so-popular P90X, Crabs can choose from the likes of Insanity, a high-energy bodyweight workout, Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis, an intense 90-day program from Gwyneth Paltrow's fitness guru, and Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, a three-month program hosted by The Biggest Loser trainer.

Best workout for Leo: Trampoline
Fun-loving Lions should embrace their inner children with classes that turn schoolyard games into a heart-pumping workout. Leos can bounce their way into shape at a trampoline park, by doing a mix of cardio and strength exercises while springing around on a sea of trampolines. Work(out) hard, play hard.

Best workout for Virgo: Data-driven workout
You probably don't have to tell this health-conscious sign to hit the gym twice. But for a really satisfying workout, analytical Virgos should seek classes that track all of their sweat stats. Try spin class at Flywheel, which posts every rider's performance metrics in a private online account, or Orangetheory, where all exercisers wear heart-rate monitors to keep tabs on their workout performance.

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Best workout for Libra: Barre
Libras tend to seek balance in all things, including their workouts. The ballet-inspired moves of a barre studio help strengthen the core and other stabilizing muscles, which are essential to being physically balanced. Not to mention, this elegant workout probably appeals to Libra's appreciation for beauty. Try a class at Pure Barre (located in cities nationwide) or stream a class from Bar Method.

Best workout for Scorpio: Combat class
Natives of this Fixed sign are usually intense and competitive, so they most likely want an equally challenging and immersive exercise outlet. Boxing, mixed martial arts classes or piloxing (a Pilates-boxing hybrid) should give Scorpio a worthy adversary—and a way to let off some steam.

Best workout for Sagittarius: Spiritual sweat session
As the sign that rules higher thinking, philosophical Sagittarius might be looking for more than just a physical challenge. While yoga's a no-brainer, when it comes to mindful workouts, there are other options, too: Nia, a Zumba-like class that emphasizes empowerment and awareness; intenSati, a martial-arts class that involves shouting affirmations; or even SoulCycle, a candlelit spin class peppered with motivational mantras, might appeal to Sag's spiritual side.

Best workout for Capricorn: Indoor rock climbing
Up, up and away! Goats are natural climbers (especially when it comes to the career ladder), but they'll probably also enjoy a more literal ascent too. An indoor climbing facility will give them a chance to put their strength and focus to the test, as they scale thousands of feet—all safely strapped in and without the threat of altitude sickness.

Best workout for Aquarius: Hula-hooping
Not one to conform, eccentric Aquarius probably won't be happy in a run-of-the-mill exercise class. A quirky activity like hula-hooping is more up this sign's alley. Fellow trendsetters Zooey Deschanel, Kelly Osbourne and Michelle Obama have all jumped aboard this cutting-edge craze that involves whirling a weighted hula-hoop around your midsection to boost cardio and torch calories. Find an instructor near you, purchase a hoop and buy instructional DVDs at FXP Hula Hoop, Hoopnotica or HoopGirl.

Best workout for Pisces: Surfing on land
If anyone can appreciate the surfer's lifestyle, it's got to be this go-with-the-flow Water sign. However, since hanging ten isn't an option for landlocked Pisces natives, they can opt for the next best thing: SURFSET classes, available at gyms across the country, mimics what it feels like to ride waves by using a specially designed surfboard perched on air-filled pads. While exercisers steady themselves on their boards and complete surf-inspired moves, they'll also put themselves on the path toward rock-hard cores. Cowabunga!

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