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What You Didn't Know About Your Sex Trigger

In any art form, the final touch can be what makes or breaks a masterpiece. And, when it comes to sexual pleasure, the right touch in the right place can send your partner into next-level ecstasy. Let this astrological guide to every zodiac sign's erogenous zone be your map to truly rubbing your lover the right way.

Erogenous Zone: Head
Caressing or massaging a Ram's head is one way to make them putty in your hands. Work some gentle head scratching into foreplay, or for extra intense sex, try a little hair pulling—it's a surefire way to fully take control in the bedroom, which they'll probably love.

Erogenous Zone: Neck
Taurus is ruled by bliss planet Venus and lives for all of life's little pleasures. Kisses on the neck, from subtle pecks and nibbles to semi-permanent hickies, may get your Bull raring to go.

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Erogenous Zone: Hands

Geminis enjoy their hands being touched but might also appreciate your mitts all over their bodies. Manual stimulation is their jam, as it can happen anywhere, anytime (just what this ever-changing sign needs), so don't be afraid to take your steamy sesh back to second base.

Erogenous Zone: Chest
No matter if your Cancer partner is male or female, most Crabs relish caresses on their chest. Sucking, licking, teasing and biting pecs or breasts are all fair game when you cozy up to a Cancer.

Erogenous Zone: Back
The Lion, like any kitty, purrs with a good back rub. Give your Leo a nice rubdown, even digging your claws into your partner's back with intense scratching during sex, or just use massage as a prelude to intimacy.

Erogenous Zone: Stomach
Virgos tend to be anxious, so to put them into a relaxed state of mind, you may need to soothe their guts—literally. Gently rub your Virgo's belly during foreplay or run your fingers down their treasure trail. It's a perfect way to ease them into ecstasy.

Erogenous Zone: Butt and Lower Back
Libras are all about balance, so they can get into androgyny. They likely see sexuality in more than just a binary, which may make them really value a pleasurable place that everyone owns: a bum. During sex give a Libra's cheeks a playful squeeze or spanking, or think about opening yourself up to something totally different.

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Erogenous Zone: Genitals
Don't be shy with Scorpio. As the ruler of sex (and the pelvic area), they probably want their coitus straight up. Forget foreplay—this sign usually believes in dessert first.

Erogenous Zone: Pelvic Area and Inner Thighs
Sagittarius can be impatient, which means a long build-up before climax is rare. To make them go crazy, tease their inner thighs with light kissing or seductive touching. This type of intimacy might just bring them over the edge.

Erogenous Zone: Knees
To integrate Cap's somewhat odd erogenous zone into sex, you'll have to think metaphorically: Bring your partner to their knees. Start with tickling the backs of their legs and watch them buckle under the tease. From there, your Goat is yours to play with, as this in-control sign actually loves submitting in the sack.

Erogenous Zone: Ankles and Shins
Ankles are a weird place for an astrological G-spot, but natives of this sign are apt to march to their own beat. When fetishizing this body part, be creative. Tie up their ankles or grab onto your partner's lower legs while climaxing. Strange, yes, but that's Aquarius.

Erogenous Zone: Feet
Pisces typically need love from head to toe, literally. To be their number one lover, think about getting in on their foot fetish. Play footsie under the table during date night or consider tickling their toes with your tongue as foreplay. Go from bottom to top to please Pisces.

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