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Who Are You LEAST Compatible With?

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It's just a fact of life: Some pairs are more oil-and-water than peanut butter-and-jelly, and some zodiac matches work better than others. As a rule of thumb, signs with the same qualitiesCardinal, Mutable and Fixed—tend to be a little too much of a good thing together. But couples with the same elementWater, Earth, Fire, Air—generally pair nicely, as do Water with Earth and Fire with Air signs.

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Despite those generalizations, the personalities of specific signs are known to rub each other the wrong way, as in the case of Taurus (Earth) and Cancer (Water). Of course, any good astrologer will tell you that a mismatched zodiac pair isn't the end of the world. Still, by knowing which horoscope sign you're least likely to have a happily-ever-after with, you can go into your next date—or relationship—with a more complete understanding of how your personalities might come into conflict.

Aries with…
Will a Ram and a Bull lock horns? Yup. Taurus craves stability and reliability, with finances as well as in relationships, which spontaneous, idealistic Aries can find too restricting. When reprimanded too much, Rams will start feeling like their partnership is more of a chore than a fun, happy union.

Taurus with…
From their mutual love of eating well to their compatible senses of humor, you'd think this Earth and Water twosome would really hit it off. However, guarded, sensitive Cancer might be quick to internalize any perceived slights a direct Taurus unwittingly makes, resulting in mood swings that can leave a Bull feeling perplexed.

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Gemini with…
The responsible and usually private Virgo has a different way of looking at love than the up-for-anything, verbose and, at times, dramatic Gemini. The blunt observations and advice Virgo perceives as honesty could come off as cruel to a Gemini. Virgo's blunt words may hurt a Gemini, or the Twins might become exhausted by Virgo's pragmatic way of life.

Cancer with…
Most Cancers are secretly hardcore romantics who want absolute security and a fairytale ending. Chances are, though, that more-independent Aquarius will probably start feeling boxed in by affectionate, sometimes jealous Cancer. At the same time, when Cancer gets emotional (which, let's face it, will probably happen), they will likely be turned off by Aquarius' method of rationalizing feelings or talking instead of listening.

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Leo with…
Though sunny, gregarious Leo likely appreciates Taurus' charm and good sense, these two Fixed signs may clash over their differing ideas of love. Leo needs warmth, empathy and optimism, and therefore could become exasperated with their Earth sign partner's more grounded, less starry-eyed approach. Sometimes all a Lion needs is a kind ear or a pep talk—not a lesson from practical Taurus.

Virgo with…
On the surface, and as friends, these two may get along swimmingly. They both typically enjoy intellectual discussions, travel, fitness and the finer things in life. Problem is, Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius needs to see the world full of possibilities, which could come off as foolish or idealistic, compared to Virgo's earthy, realistic take on life. At the same time, Virgo's views may strike the Archer as overly pessimistic—a total romance killer.

Libra with…
Scorpio may just be overly intense and have too much of a dark side for Libra, who is happiest keeping conversations conflict-free. There are usually emotional layers to Scorpio (including some hidden ones), which Air sign Libra, who intellectualizes feelings, may not necessarily understand about her Scorpio partner, who operates more on gut instinct than fact.

Scorpio with…
This relationship might start with fireworks; however, more reserved Scorpio needs a lot of private downtime that gregarious Gemini probably won't understand—and may not honor. Also, as an older soul on the zodiac scale, Scorpio will likely find Gemini to be good company to be with at times, but may yearn for a long-term match that's more willing to plumb their own emotional depths.

Sagittarius with…
Though the Archer admires Cap's down-to-earth qualities and keen wit, Sagittarius may get annoyed with the Goat's linear mode of thinking (plus tons of talk, and not as much action). After all, this leap-before-looking Fire sign would rather dive into action and ask questions later, unlike ultra-logical Cap.

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Capricorn with…
Often a pair of the same sun signs work well because they are able to instinctively understand one another. But Caps don't work that way. Since they're so busy rationalizing and feel the need to get a point across at any cost, Caps could miss important cues—including some that are necessary for keeping the peace. The result? Two stubborn, fighting Goats.

Aquarius with…
Though the first Fire sign and last Air sign of the zodiac make great friends, it's a tough pairing for lovers. In the independent spirit department, these signs are pretty evenly matched. However, Aries' intensity and passion can come on too strong for intellectual, rational Aquarius. Then there's the Aries need to constantly start something new, which can wear over time on a Fixed sign like the Water Bearer.

Pisces with…
These two might be kindred creative spirits, but they butt heads when it comes to going deep. Pisces, an old soul, needs a trusted confidante equipped to deal with serious emotional talks and may find Aquarius to be dismissive of their feelings (Pisces won't take it lightly if Aquarius flakes out for group event or even one of their causes). At the same time, the always-on Aquarius may find Pisces's need for solitude or rumination baffling.

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