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12 Surefire Stress Relievers

Stress gets to all of us at some point, making it absolutely necessary to stop and take time to unwind. Find relief from whatever is stressing you out with these ideal relaxation techniques for your sign. (And, if you really need to chill, give all 12 a try!)

Run (or kick or bike) off some steam
Best for: Aries
Action-oriented Rams could find an outlet for stress in a challenging solo sport. Hit the trails for a long run, try mountain biking, visit the local boxing gym or even try your hand at archery. Find an inspired workout to release all your tension that won't bore you to tears.

Escape to the great outdoors
Best for: Taurus
Nature walks or hikes will help Taurus reconnect with the earth and feel more grounded. A long trek fits your natural perseverance; while stunning vistas make the practice of doing something a little outside of your (luxury-loving) comfort zone feel worthwhile.

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Change of routine
Best for: Gemini
Because Gemini natives like to be kept on their toes, they should dabble in fresh, interesting experiences to soothe their nerves. Scan Groupon or other coupon sites for discounts on exercise classes—like one-month boot camp memberships or painting and wine classes. You get the benefit of trying something brand-new, and you'll be so focused on filling your head with information, you'll forget all about whatever ails you.

Create a sanctuary at home
Best for: Cancer
Domestic Crabs need not stray far from their beloved homes to decompress. Stream a yoga class from an online source like YogaGlo, light some candles and downward-dog away your troubles. Follow your practice with a luxurious bubble bath to really feel your tension melt away.

Hit the mall
Best for: Leo
Lions are probably the zodiac's most avid shoppers, so when you're feeling stressed, you may want to indulge yourself with some retail therapy. You can definitely justify buying yourself something fun—like a flashy pair of shoes or an eye-catching graphic tee—if it makes you feel more relaxed.

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Clean up your act
Best for: Virgo
Virgos crave order, meaning that tasks some people might find tedious can actually be enjoyable for this sign. When you're feeling burnt out, try organizing that junk drawer or taking inventory of your closets. Clearing out your physical clutter will help diminish the mental clutter you've been lugging around.

Plan a day of pampering
Best for: Libra
As lovers of lush surroundings and soft lighting, Libras should invest in a spa day to cure stress-related worries. A couple hours in a pretty, peaceful setting will rejuvenate your body and your mind, making you feel totally balanced—your idea of bliss.

Put your feelings on paper
Best for: Scorpio
Intuitive and emotionally aware, Scorpios could reap many benefits from journaling after a rough day (or month). Scribble out all your frustration, and then jot down some accomplishments you'd like to achieve. Given your intense drive to succeed, you may find practicing the art of manifestation is more worthwhile than simply venting.

Clear your mind
Best for: Sagittarius
The ever-roaming Archer is usually all over the place, and sitting still can be a major challenge. While you might hate it at first, meditation is actually an ideal way for you to find inner peace and tap into your spiritual side when the burdens of life take their toll. It won't be easy, but working on being present in the moment may help you stay more in control throughout all of your daily dealings.

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Break a sweat
Best for: Capricorn
Cautious and reward-driven, Goats may appreciate a gentle athletic outlet like Pilates. It's not as aerobically taxing as a spin or vigorous vinyasa yoga class, but it's still effective for toning muscle and easing your mind. Pilates will gently get you on a path to relaxation, while tightening your abs in the process. (A practical Cap will surely appreciate having the chance to accomplish two objectives at once).

Lend a helping hand
Best for: Aquarius
While sometimes pegged as a rebel, this Air sign has a strong socially conscious streak. Taking a couple hours a week to volunteer for a local charity or cause you believe in will feed your need for problem-solving, put your stress into perspective and make you feel part of a team.

Channel your inner-artist
Best for: Pisces
Anxious Fish should pick up a mandala coloring book and sharpen those colored pencils. By tapping into your creative side and meticulously filling in those intricate patterns, you'll find the perfect escape from whatever is bringing you down. Bonus: You'll end up with some gorgeous artwork to display.

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