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What's Your Fighting Style?

From blowing up unexpectedly to stewing silently, the ways people deal with conflict (or run from it) are as deeply rooted in our astrological signs as any other emotional quality. Do you and your significant other have compatible forms of emotional combat? Read on to find out where you—and your partner—stand on the conflict continuum, for better or for worse.

Rams are known for not thinking before they speak—a quality that comes through loud and clear in spats. "They'll pick a fight but will rush past it and on to something else before it's done," says astrologer John Townley. This, of course, can be more than a bit frustrating for the person on the receiving end of their flimsy attacks, who may feel, justifiably so, like their Aries partner is arguing for the sake of arguing.

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Stubborn Bulls, known for their persistence, may entrench and refuse give up, Townley says… meaning it's really hard to come out on top. His advice for dealing with a Taurus? "Give ground or skirt issues," he advises. "Simply go around them to achieve your goal, come back and clean up the aftermath later."

While the Twins are known for their ability to argue, they're also notable blowhards who aren't necessarily invested in their positions, according Townley. Gemini's partner, therefore, needs to learn not to take these outbursts personally—this too shall pass.

As far as the sign most likely to fight dirty goes, Townley puts his money on unassuming, domestic Cancer. "Cancer might be prone to hitting below the belt, particularly if backed into a corner," he says. Emotionally in-tune but guarded, this sign might employ deception or look for ways to get the upper hand when in an argument.

Leos are a bit of an enigma: In some ways, they're hard to fight with because they're apt to "pull back and employ artillery," according to Townley. At the same time, they're also one of the signs most apt to fight fair. "A good Leo tends toward noblesse oblige," Townley says, meaning that their graciousness doesn't allow them to stoop to the level of fighting. "Leo is, after all, the sign of royalty," he says.

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Self-flagellating, perfectionist Virgo may be more likely to blame him or herself during conflict than to lash out at her partner. As a Mutable sign, a Virgo native is often able to step back from a fight, and see the other person's point of view. Even in tense situations, practical Virgo's not likely to completely abandon reason.

Libras are hard to fight with, according to Townley, "because they thrive on contention and argument and just won't stop". Their indecisiveness, too, could come into play during conflict, as they have a hard time finding a fixed position in their constant quest to maintain a balanced perspective. This propensity means it could be hard to wrap up an argument with Libra.

Scorpio tends to scheme, then sting. "The challenging thing about fighting with a Scorpio is that you may not even know you're in a fight, until later, when they pick their time and shoot you from cover," Townley says. "Scorpios will out-plot you."

Like Gemini, Sags can be blowhards and quick-tempered… after all, they're not exactly known for their poise. But, given that they're nonjudgmental and optimistic, you can at least count on the Archer to keep the conflict fairly free of biting personal attacks.

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"Goats can be hard to fight with as they care only about their position, which is permanent," Townley says. On the plus side, Caps are stable, committed and have a strong sense of duty, so no matter how ugly the fight gets, they'll never threaten to run off in the face of conflict.

Townley calls Aquarius the "good fighter" of the zodiac, since this sign is likely to make a point of being fair during a conflict. But the Water Bearer will also have his or her outbursts. This sign isn't great at expressing emotion, so when pushed to the limit, all their feelings may come rushing forth out of the blue.

In general, Mutable signs want to avoid conflict and keep the peace, Townley says. Pisces especially fits this description, as Fish try to go with the flow, sometimes at their own expense, allowing an argumentative partner to take advantage of their aversion to aggression.

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