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Perfect Children’s Books For Every Sign

If you want to cultivate a love for reading in your little one, it's essential that you pick something that really resonates with your child's unique personality. That's where his or her horoscope sign comes in. In honor of April's International Children's Book Day, we take a look at the astrological traits that can inform your budding bookworm's literary tastes.

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Aries: Aries kids are the fearless leaders of the zodiac. Boys and girls alike are typically adventurous, athletic and at least a little competitive. Young Rams might especially relate to Brian Roberson, the 13-year-old stranded survivalist from Gary Paulsen's Newbery-winning Hatchet. Known for their independence, young Aries may identify with the solitary struggle of the protagonist, who ultimately succeeds at making it on his own in the wilderness. Aries youngsters are also known for their thrill-seeking and might also get into reading material with a little bit of edge, including action-adventure and even horror genres, such as something by R.L. Stine.

Taurus: Even with their rowdy streaks, Taurus kids still love to lounge. They may surprise you with their capacity to sit with a chosen tome for an extra-long time, plowing through more pages than you ever thought possible. Ruled by Venus, this sign is taken with anything beautiful or classic. They couldn't go wrong with timeless stories, such as A Little Princess or The Wind in the Willows. Taurus has a soft spot for greenery and nature—their favorite reading spot might just be a blanket on the grass.

Gemini: Clever Geminis are among the zodiac's most brilliant minds—and one of its most prolific mischief-makers. Keep your growing Gemini stimulated (and out of trouble) with books that engage their curious streak and sense of humor. They'll relish the memorable, irreverent wordplay of a Roald Dahl book, like The BFG and Revolting Rhymes, and will probably get a kick out of mimicking his style for their friends' entertainment. A well-wrought whodunit or a novel with a lot of scientific detail may also appeal to Gemini. And don't be surprised if you find them captivated by a technical manual or two. (Anyone need help setting up that Playstation?)

Cancer: Softies like Cancers often need quiet time alone to restore themselves, making them highly susceptible to book addiction. Historical tomes can even intrigue young Crabs. Cancer might be fond of series such as Anne of Green Gables, set in turn-of-the-century North America, featuring a sensitive protagonist's struggle for acceptance. This compassionate sign might be equally fascinated by The Invention of Hugo Cabret, an imaginative story of a young boy surviving as an orphan in a train station, which was heavily informed by the author's extensive research of '30s-era Paris.

Leo: Leos are all about putting on a show, so the artistry of poems or the dialogue in plays may catch your little performer's eye. Warm and personable, Lions fare best with well-developed, relatable characters that tug at their heartstrings. The light-hearted and often funny National Book Award-winning Penderwicks series, or animal-centric Newbery Medal-winner The One and Only Ivan are sure to be Leo-pleasers, especially since Lions often have a special connection with furry critters.

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Virgo: Studious Virgos may win the "bedroom most resembling a library" award well before they're ready to ship out to college. Precocious, verbal and sucked in by the details, kids of this sign might lean toward multi-volume collections or books with an adequately complicated plot—if they're not already setting their sights on literature's big guns. (You're never too young for Infinite Jest, right?) Young Virgos might get a kick out of the popular and captivating Mysterious Benedict Society series about a gaggle of gifted kids tasked with solving a variety of puzzles in an attempt to undermine the story's power-hungry villain. On the other hand, fantasy novels set in woodland areas could also pique this earthy sign's interest. And, another Tolkien fan is born!

Libra: While super social, Libras are also gifted with the capacity for deep thought. Aesthetically conscious, they may gravitate toward art, dance and design—anything that involves beautification is up their alley. From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, a tale of two siblings who run away to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, might be wish fulfillment for a little Libra. The sign of Libra also rules justice and diplomacy, and kids can begin to explore these concepts in a book like the T.H. White classic The Sword and the Stone.

Scorpio: Your pint-sized Scorpio might very well be the cool kid in class. These intense souls can get lost in the Internet rabbit hole for hours, especially if it means they'll become known as the expert in their chosen topic, whether it's to do with their science class or their nascent love of pop music. They're deep and investigative, and said to be less afraid of the more "serious" aspects of life, so they might be inspired by books like Stuart Gibbs' Spy School, about a young boy who falls into a career with the C.I.A. Young Scorpios might also be able to relate to The Egypt Game, a Newbery Honor-winning book that involves both a girl's obsession with Ancient Egypt and a neighborhood mystery.

Sagittarius: Affable and fun-loving Sagittarius has quite a serious side too. This sign is said to rule higher knowledge, and they're the big travelers of the zodiac too, meaning they might be particularly attracted to stories about other cultures. Combining elements of fantasy and Nigerian folklore, Zahrah the Windseeker¸ featuring an unassuming girl gifted with special powers that scare the others around her, is a fresh take on its genre that will appeal to the sign's precocious (and whimsical) taste. Archers are known for their sensitive and philosophical sides as well, so they might be deeply indebted to you after introducing them to the beloved classic The Little Prince.

Capricorn: Your goofy little Capricorn might be growing quite a serious streak. This sign is known for being among the most focused of the zodiac, with an ambitious energy that will help them move mountains as adults. In the meantime, down-to-earth Goats can benefit from exploring the world via the page, and they might appreciate realistic takes on life, such as John Grisham's Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer series about a 13-year-old detective who's already heavily invested in criminal justice. They're just as prone to devour a kiddie satire that appeals to their growing taste for quirky and sardonic humor, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Aquarius: Aquarius kids march to the beat of their own drummers, but they're still usually among the most popular kids in school. Water Bearers love to participate, and they also have a humanitarian bent. Prone to being whiz kids too, they're often drawn to tales of wizards, making the popular So You Want to Be a Wizard a natural choice (we're assuming, of course, that they've already devoured Harry Potter). Their social activist side might get fired up about Rita Williams Garcia's One Crazy Summer, a story of three sisters who reunite with their politically involved mother in the charged atmosphere of 1968 Oakland.

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Pisces: Dreamy Pisces kids love to get lost in their reading material. Lots of imaginative thinkers share this sign, and they often have an artistic bent. Sympathetic Fish might enjoy Thanhha Lai's poetic rendering of young refugee Ha's story, which follows her as she's forced to move from Vietnam to Alabama, in the Newbery Honor-winning book Inside Out & Back Again. New York Times Bestseller Wonder, a story about a boy with a physical deformity and his journey to fit in at school, may also resonate with your naturally compassionate child. If your Pisces seems a little book-shy, try introducing photo and art books—Pisces are known to be gifted visual thinkers.

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