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12 Interview Mistakes You're Probably Making

Sometimes we're our own worst enemies. While we should be at the top of our game during job interviews, we also seem to be especially susceptible to some of our worst traits once the pressure is on. Read on to discover the interview mistakes your sign's most likely to make, and how to prevent them.

Mistake: Hogging the Spotlight
Worst Offender: Aries
Most of the time your natural confidence serves you well, Aries, but rushing your answers or interrupting your interviewer could give the false impression that you are more interested in tooting your own horn than you are about the job. Before you hit the hot seat, jot down questions about the company that you can introduce into conversation. By balancing talk about you with talk about them, your passion and enthusiasm will really shine through.

Mistake: Toning Down Your Personality
Worst Offender: Taurus
A Bull's typically cautious and sometimes rigid nature could make you seem lukewarm about the opportunity at hand. Plus, if you hold back too much, you may thwart a genuine connection with your interviewer. Rather than reciting a list of your skills and background, consider sharing some engaging anecdotes that highlight your strongest attributes, like your dependability and thoroughness. Once you warm up, you'll have a better shot at coming across as a reliable employee—and a pleasant person to have around the office.

Mistake: Getting Sidetracked
Worst Offender: Gemini
Born with the gift of gab, you often dazzle in interviews. Provided, of course, that you don't go off on too many long-winded tangents or fall trap to the nervous ticks, like playing with your hands, that can be a Gemini's tell. Prior to your sit-down, practice giving concise answers (sans squirming), so you don't look like you're winging it. Right before you head in, take some deep breaths or try meditating to help keep your cool.

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Mistake: Underselling Yourself
Worst Offender: Cancer
While you're a pro at making emotional connections, you could stand to be more confident when presenting your skills. When you feel anxious, you may become self-deprecating. Be positive, Cancer! Throughout your interview, periodically give yourself a mental pep talk. Banish any negative thoughts that creep into your head, and remind yourself that the purpose of this meeting is to highlight your talents and accomplishments.

Mistake: Dominating the Conversation
Worst Offender: Leo
Leo, you've got charisma for days. However, it may only take you so far because you can become defensive if the interview starts veering out of your control. Recognize the flow of conversation might be out of your hands, and remind yourself not to take anything personally. In addition, you're prone to exaggerate, so keep the hyperboles in check. Refrain from saying anything that you can't back up with a fact. You're a natural leader, so the truth should be enough to make a favorable impression.

Mistake: Seeming Desperate
Worst Offender: Virgo
Never one to be caught off guard, you probably know the company backwards and forwards by the time you've sat down to an interview. However, the Virgo instinct to prepare (and over-prepare) may make you seem dry or too desperate for approval. In lieu of nitty-gritty work details, give your interviewer a sense of the person behind that sparkling resume. Try to relax and inject some personality and humor into those rigorous facts and figures.

Mistake: Getting Too Comfortable
Worst Offender: Libra
Known for your charm, you typically have no problem putting your interviewer at ease. The danger here is that you may appear too casual or—worst case scenario—even flirtatious. You also tend to emphasize the social aspects of your job or the people you know, when you should be touting your accomplishments. Keep professionalism foremost in your mind, and be ready to share concrete examples of how those famed Libra people skills have helped you reach professional milestones.

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Mistake: Becoming Adversarial
Worst Offender: Scorpio
You're like a job interview ninja: You like to quietly feel out your interviewer and adjust your body language and responses accordingly to give yourself an edge. The downside? You may get caught up overanalyzing the situation rather than simply addressing the questions at hand. Plus, you run the risk of appearing overly confident, even smug, when people ask questions you feel are self-evident or silly. Remind yourself that this is an opportunity to let your intelligence shine, not a game to be won.

Mistake: Revealing Too Much
Worst Offender: Sagittarius
Simmer down, Sag! You're apt to get carried away and come on too strong as you're yapping away about your opinions and beliefs. Remember that the goal here is to get a sense of whether you would be a good fit with the company—not dumping all of your insights and ideas on them. Instead, show off your curiosity and intellect with insightful questions about the company.

Mistake: Acting Above the Job
Worst Offender: Capricorn
A pragmatist through-and-through, you're an ace at showing your interviewer your history of on-the-job successes. Just be wary of appearing too self-satisfied with your past achievements or turning off your interviewer with the characteristically Capricorn nuts-and-bolts demeanor. Emphasize that you've still got goals to meet, and you're not content to rest on your laurels. Put your passion for problem-solving front and center, and you'll wow your future boss with your ambition.

Mistake: Downplaying Your Individuality
Worst Offender: Aquarius
Despite your distinct perspective, you may feel as though you should gloss over the attributes and experiences that set you apart in order to blend in. As a result, your evasiveness can leave your interviewer confused, making them feel like they are seeing a partial version of you. Don't be afraid to share (and emphasize!) your special interests and unique background. The Aquarius quirks can make you stand out in an interview.

Mistake: Not Contextualizing Your Experience
Worst Offender: Pisces
While Pisces are usually brimming with great ideas, when you try to share them, you can come off as vague or disorganized. And then there's your resume… If it's followed the winding path of your dreams, it can seem, a bit, er, random. Go into the interview with a clear outline of your vision and be prepared to explain how each seemingly roundabout step of your career path laid the groundwork for future professional success. If you don't see your past as a liability, your interviewer probably won't either.

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