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How to Use the Moon to Get Ahead

Whether you're gunning for a promotion, considering a career change or starting a job hunt from scratch, you can look to the night sky for a little guidance. The phases of the Moon are powerful markers of a monthly energy cycle that permeates all aspects of our lives—including jumping on career opportunities. Each of its four major phases is connected with a specific kind of energy that we all can access. Discover how to use each phase to your career's advantage.

New Moon: Think and Plan
Think of the New Moon as a blank canvas for your ideas. During this period, you'll want to plant the seeds for future projects and share your creative vision—while still listening to other people's thoughts, of course. Hold or attend a group meeting where information is freely flowing. The New Moon offers great energy for connecting with any colleagues or vendors you've been itching to meet.

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The New Moon also brings good energy to career searches, so this is the time to browse job boards, talk to headhunters and update your LinkedIn skills list. This is also a perfect moment to create a vision board displaying all of the features that you want your new position to have, including the level of responsibility and maybe even the amount of work-life balance you hope to find. Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Perhaps you need to reevaluate your career and work path altogether—now's the time to cast a wide net.

First Quarter Moon: Take Initiative
This action-oriented lunar phase is all about implementation and growth. Got a big presentation coming up? Pencil it in for the next First Quarter Moon, especially if it concerns a new project. It's a great time to ask for a raise, as the waxing, or growing, Moon is associated with making things—like your paycheck—larger. Hiring someone new and negotiating a contract are other prime uses of this motivating lunar phase.

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If you're looking for a new gig, hit the pavement, make calls to your professional network, blast out your resume and network like crazy. Be sure to schedule any interviews or pitch meetings to coincide with the upcoming Full Moon. The more energy you can muster during this phase, the more benefit you'll get down the line, so exerting some extra effort now can get you noticed later. And most importantly, look out for unexpected opportunities—this growth-oriented phase of the Moon favors lucky breaks.

Full Moon: Make Time to Shine
When the Moon is at its brightest, so are you. Sign the contracts and agreements you put into motion during the First Quarter Moon, and launch projects right now for maximum success. The Full Moon sheds light on your accomplishments, so (tactfully) brag about a positive result, announce a new hire or unveil a completed project. This Moon's energy also brings clarity, so if you need to clear the air with a co-worker or supervisor, do it now.

This is peak time in the job-search cycle. Follow up on leads and meet with the people you contacted during the Waxing Moon, as the Full Moon's energy can help you get on the right person's radar. If you can schedule an interview during this period, even better! The Full Moon is like a spotlight—so work it. Utilize this powerful lunar phase to call attention to all of your talents.

Last Quarter Moon: Clear the Clutter
The Quarter Moon following a Full Moon is an opportunity to tie up loose ends on projects that have been in progress. Take a look at your to-do lists and check off any outstanding items. The Last Quarter Moon is also when you want to cut your losses and let go of systems or workflow that aren't working. If you're faced with the unpleasant task of firing an employee, the waning, or diminishing, Moon can help ease that person's transition into whatever's next. On a more mundane level, try reorganizing your files, calendar or desk to make good use of this lunar phase.

In addition, the waning Moon presents an opportunity to review efforts on a job hunt that hasn't been successful yet. This is the time to ditch setbacks and perceived failures. Review your efforts in as much detail as you can stand. What needs to be improved? Consider revising your resume or hiring a career coach who might help pinpoint the obstacles in your path. And remember, the end of this cycle is just a warm-up to the next fresh start. Clear the decks…or desk, in this case!

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