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The Work Habits You Need to Change Now

Aries: Aries likes to see their visionary creativity manifested in the world. And it should be—they are incredibly talented. But a "my way or the highway" attitude can get them into trouble, especially when they take it upon themselves to make a decision that should be run by the boss first. Blazing new paths is something they are great at, as long as they leave more in their wake than ashes.

Taurus: Persistent and determined—that's the Taurus way. And it's true, they are that. But when the higher-ups make a suggestion during the annual review that Taurus doesn't agree with, it's hard for this sign to comply. They can be very set in their ways. Tenacious is just a hair's breadth away from stubborn, an important distinction for the Bull to consider.

Gemini: Geminis are good communicators and, when focused, they're excellent ones! Trouble is they sometimes think they can write, type, text, email, listen to an important audio file and talk on the phone at the same time. But they can't (and, really, no human can). When multitasking becomes excessive, mistakes get made.

Cancer: People really feel that Cancers are there for them. In fact, everyone knows that a Crab is the person to turn to when they need to vent about the boss. In moments of crisis, count on a Cancer to be there to make it all better. At the same time, problems may arise if they start encouraging drama in order to be needed. If co-workers have a quarrel, meddling is not the same as being a good shoulder to cry on.

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Leo: Someone needs to take charge, so why not a Leo? They boast a commanding presence, they're natural born leaders, and they literally ooze talent. People should just get out of their way and let them take the reins, right? But there's a reason why that won't work: Hogging the spotlight prevents other people's good ideas from being heard. That's just not good business.

Virgo: Virgo's helpful, efficient and considered contributions could go unnoticed if this sign becomes immobilized by perfectionism. Finishing that draft and handing it in is hard for Virgo. They just can't let go of the idea that it could be better. It's okay to put things out there, and if they don't land well, it's also okay to try again. Practice makes perfect, not going over the same thing yet another time.

Libra: Having mastered the art of compromise and negotiation, Libras are the world's best collaborators. Sure, that's fantastic when a project requires more than one person, but they struggle with wanting the company of others to complete a task, even when none is needed. Teamwork can be great, hand-holding not so much. Stand tall, Libra—you can be amazing on your own.

Scorpio: Office dress codes were designed with Scorpio in mind. Even though their sensitivity gives them an unparalleled level of insight, they don't always realize the vibes they're sending. What comes across as inappropriate to most (like that mini skirt or face tattoo) is just Scorpio's way of being playful. While there's a time and a place for that kind of thing, it's definitely not in the boardroom.

Sagittarius: Everybody loves a Sagittarius! They're fun, positive and full of creative ideas. But their expansive personality can feel really caged in by deadlines and protocol. In fact, reliability is not one of their strong suits, and unfortunately it is very needed in work environments. Perhaps it would help them to see commitment as part of the adventure—maybe then they could make it to the finish line.

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Capricorn: Reliable and hardworking to a fault, Capricorn is one committed sign. If getting to the top of the ladder was a Goat's only goal, it might be okay, but once on top, Capricorn starts looking for the next ladder to climb. This singular focus on career, reputation and success leaves them with little else to show but elevated status. There's a reason why it's lonely at the top, and even Capricorns don't want to be lonely.

Aquarius: A generous spirit is the Aquarian trademark, and they truly believe in their utopian ideals. At work, they support social causes and advocacy work, or, at the very least, the betterment of the people they serve. It's great that someone is so principled, but the real world can be a harsh slap in the face for an Aquarius. Feelings of futility arise and bring on a detached attitude because this sign's bar is set so high.

Pisces: Pisces is the deepest, most artistic and caring of people, which is a beautiful thing when this sign doesn't feel emotionally overwhelmed. Yet when work stress gets the best of them, they can cave in on themselves by shutting down or simply not showing up. In their pain, Pisces should try not to isolate themselves. They wouldn't let anyone else go it alone, so why should they?

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