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Brand Yourself Using Your Sun Sign

For better or worse, a first impression tends to be a lasting one. Knowing this, consumer goods have poured heaps of cash into crafting strategic brand identities over the years—and they were onto something. Everyone from entry-level worker bees to Fortune 500 head honchos could benefit from pinpointing a niche and developing a clear, concise professional identity that highlights their best assets. Since our sun sign rules the skills at the core of our personalities, these astrologically-rooted talents should be at the forefront of how we brand ourselves. Read on to discover the gifts you're apt to have based on your sun sign (or birth sign) and how they can help boost your personal brand.

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Aries: A natural go-getter, Aries rarely takes no for an answer. Emphasizing that they aren't inclined to throw in the towel easily will make Rams the go-to problem-solvers. Their flair for the creative means that Aries feels most at home when perched on the cutting edge, so they may find it easy to develop a presence in avant garde art and cultural circles. They're known to bloom in positions where they have their hands on a number of different projects, so Aries natives are also capable of maintaining multiple social media profiles and keeping each of them updated frequently.

Taurus: Bulls are generally patient people whose prudence sends a clear message: I can be counted on to get the job done right. The Taurus precise and careful nature allows them to maintain a steady momentum day in and day out, which can help distinguish this sign as a no-drama employee. At the same time it also could keep them low-profile worker bees. Since they gravitate toward work that requires detail and patience, Bulls should take pride in the finished result and grab the spotlight when they can. Creating a blog or web site that demonstrates all of those accomplishments is an excellent way for humble Taurus to toot their own horn.

Gemini: Most Geminis find multitasking a breeze and can juggle multiple projects at the same time. But channeling that intellectual energy into defining their career goals will help Geminis stay focused instead of frazzled. There's a good chance a Gemini will be quick to spot business opportunities and untapped potential, so this sign's personal brand could be more based on professional connections and networking than others'. Naturally communicative, Geminis often flourish when their articulate nature is put to the test. Taking on gigs like being a panelist or speaker will help establish them as experts in their fields and put their sun sign attributes to work for them.

Cancer: Just because Cancers have a reputation for being domestically inclined, doesn't mean they don't excel at work, too. When this sign is able to put their heart into a job, they really shine. Their supportive attitude contributes to a positive workplace, and accentuating this may help them snag roles that require morale boosting and mediating. Crabs can also rely on their ability to connect with others to forge a solid professional network. While some people may skip right to the part where they're simply tweeting about their successes, Cancers have the patience to nurture their personal brand beginning to end, devoting attention to all of the moving pieces.

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Leo: There is rarely a project too big or too small for a Leo. By stressing that they meet obligations fearlessly and whole-heartedly, Leos can put themselves on the path to becoming dynamic leaders and creative visionaries. Lions rarely shrink from the spotlight, and when it comes to cultivating a personal brand, they should definitely follow their instinct to put themselves—and their talents—front and center. Though Leos are known to love receiving praise, they're also good at dishing it out and inspiring others. This sign should turn on their trademark charm to win over enthusiastic allies.

Virgo: Few details escape this ultra-observant sign's watchful eye, making them keen researchers and experts at tasks that require time and patience. Virgo may want to highlight their lofty aesthetic standards and ability to discern talent and quality. This sign often goes above and beyond the scope of their job to make sure everyone is satisfied and tasks are completed to perfection—or as close to it as they can get. They just need to make sure they aren't overly hard on themselves. Instead of overanalyzing their mistakes, Virgos may want to use their critical eye to determine exactly what they bring to their field, assess where they stand related to their competition and define their goals.

Libra: Libra's sharp sense of justice and balance makes them them pros at mediating disagreements and finding clear resolutions. They are probably diligent when making decisions and carefully weigh all sides of an option. With that, Libras also love debating and discussing ideas with others. They should think about taking this passion to the web, where they can engage with prominent bloggers and carve out their own spot as thought leaders. By chatting up movers and shakers at industry events, this social butterfly can make a good impression IRL as well.

Scorpio: Once Scorpio commits to something, look out! This sign has the ability to dig deeply into almost anything. Their laser-like focus gives them an edge when it comes to establishing a specialty—an essential part of forming a professional identity. They'll want to tout their acute sensitivity, which enables them to catch opportunities others gloss over. With that, they tend to make talented investigators and researchers who may find unique—if not a little unorthodox—solutions to problems. Like human vaults, this fiercely loyal sign can be trusted with sensitive information, but when it comes to their personal talents, they should feel at liberty to spread the word.

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Sagittarius: Sags are willing to take measured risks, have a highly developed sense of curiosity and remember information with ease. Archers' sponge-like ability to take what they learn and quickly apply it to their goals and routine will make them a valuable asset to most any team. At their best when they can travel and meet people, Sags likely will have no problem assembling a far-reaching professional network. They may even want to seek jobs where they move around and consult others based on their vast experiences. A sense of purpose is important Sags, as is making a meaningful contribution through work, meaning they'll probably slip comfortably into roles where they're rallying behind a cause.

Capricorn: Capricorns have a classic business mind. Once they demonstrate that they know when to push back and when to back down, they'll make their names as first-rate coordinators and delegators. Long-term vision helps them execute projects to completion, and they hit their stride when working toward practical, achievable goals. Plus, they've got the tenacity to focus on each part of the puzzle before moving on to the next one. Cap's consistency and steadiness are marketable skills in their own right, but they also allow this sign to map out a clear, enduring message and a direct path to their career aspirations.

Aquarius: Aquarius is a glass-is-half-full type who truly believes in making the world a better place. They usually have a well-defined idea about what they stand for, which lays a solid foundation for their brand. Even better, Water Bearers may work best in niche communities where they're dedicated to resolving a specific problem. Translation: They probably naturally gravitate toward establishing a clear-cut professional identity and have tunnel vision when it comes to their goals. They're also gifted at connecting with people, which, when combined with their ability to concentrate and deep-seated passions, can help them make a major contribution in whatever field inspires them.

Pisces: Pisces brings insight and imagination to most any job. Because they are not bound by tradition, they are able to find unusual solutions to problems. They can lean on their ingenuity to craft a one-of-a-kind brand that stands out from the crowd, and their artistic skills may give them an extra edge. Maybe Pisces pulls together a clever Instagram campaign or a video resume that goes viral. Known for having a fine-tuned sense of intuition, Pisces could be prone to visionary breakthroughs. The challenge will be to make sure they stay grounded enough to see their goals through to the end. Ideally, Pisces may want to work in tandem with people who will help tackle the practical part of bringing their imaginative ideas to life.

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