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What’s Your Zodiac Sign’s Worst Financial Habit?

Aries: No person is an island, but you can't tell that to Aries. They love to go it alone, make all the decisions for themselves and totally take charge of their own destiny. Problem is, when it comes to money, it's sometimes important to heed the sound advice of others. Rams are apt to resist plans that contradict their own—even really solid ones. (Want more insight? Get your daily horoscope delivered!)

Taurus: Taurus' good taste is a blessing and a curse. They love the good things in life—but sometimes to excess. When Taurus natives see something they like, they'll usually buy it (in multiple colors, if possible). They gravitate toward beautiful surroundings and sumptuous lifestyles, which can turn into a retail therapy habit. Once they're done splurging, all they may have left to show are a bunch of pretty possessions they don't really need.

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Gemini: If any one sign just can't be bothered with balancing a checkbook, it's probably Gemini. In fact, many of them don't keep a very good eye on their money at all. Review credit card statements? Why do that? For Geminis, having a general idea of what's going on with their finances seems like it's good enough, and in some cases it might be. But if a check bounces or the rent is late, there's only one person to blame.

Cancer: Cancers generally love to cook, garden, putter about the house and otherwise indulge their inner couch potato. Their big investment tends to be their home, and they're often willing to put cash into making it comfortable. Crabs may run into trouble if their focus on home life leads to becoming house poor. Tying up too much money in their abode can leave few funds for anything else.

Leo: Being a star comes at a steep cost, but it's a price Leo's often willing to pay to live the high life. Risk takers, they tend to love the game and speculation aspects of financial gambles. That said, if their ventures take them too far out on a limb, they could find that the risks of laying bets outweigh the rewards. Sooner or later the bill comes due, and someone has to pay up. Leo natives might find out that owning the spotlight is not as much fun after losing their shirt.

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Virgo: We all could probably benefit from tightening the purse strings and adhering to a budget, but Virgo can take this to a bit of an extreme. Meticulous to the core, Virgo counts every penny and allocates them with great care. For the long haul, this might be an excellent way to ensure a lifetime of financial stability, but it also lacks the spontaneity and freedom that money is supposed to provide. In the end, they may kick themselves for missing opportunities other signs would have jumped at, realizing that there's never a "perfect time" to make certain big life changes, such as having a baby. This sign may need to let go and live a little every once in a while!

Libra: ""We're in it together." That's the Libra way. This sign is about all things combined, jointly held, mutual and connected. Even when they are single, Libras may look forward to the day when they will be able to merge their savings with someone else's. However, keeping their own nest egg may be more prudent. Plus, their partner might appreciate a little separation of assets. "United but not entangled" could be a perfect mantra for Libra.

Scorpio: Scorpios are inclined to have more than a few bad financial habits…which might be embarrassing if they weren't so good at hiding them all. This sign could be keeping a secret bank account or hiding cash in the fridge, but they're also known to live beyond their means. Before we judge, let's remember that when Scorpios use their money, it's usually well-spent, and when they pick someone to spend it on, they seem know just what to buy.

Sagittarius: Jupiter, the planet of abundance, rules Sagittarius, so Sags may have a strong tendency toward overindulgence. When it comes to money matters, they're prone to buyer's remorse—they'll often splurge on something they later regret. It's not that they look for flashy or showy purchases, but their eyes can be bigger than their wallets. Exuberance is a wonderful quality when kept in check.

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Capricorn: The slow-and-steady type, Capricorn might be cautious to a fault. While gradual growth may be a good thing for older people on a fixed income, Capricorns in their prime tend to be too risk-averse, which can hinder their portfolio. Remember: Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Cap. Taking a chance won't always put the bottom line in jeopardy.

Aquarius: Aquarius doesn't believe in the expression "charity begins at home." They will again and again give the shirts off their backs to friends in need. Generosity may be a virtue, but it can become a vice if taken too far. When Aquarius natives lend money to friends whom they know would never return the favor, they're just being taken advantage of, in reality. Set some limits, Aquarius, and be sure to save some greenbacks for yourself, too.

Pisces: A Pisces likely invented the first get-rich-quick scheme. Trouble is, this sign may sincerely believe these far-fetched gimmicks will yield results. However, unless you're one of the few people who lucks into a winning lottery ticket or inheritance, investing time in unrealistic ventures won't result in financial security. On the plus side, if Pisces can connect their imaginations with a grounded work ethic, they may find their winning ticket!

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