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How The Libra Sun Will Improve Your Relationships

From September 23 through October 22, the sun is in the astrological sign of Libra. Libra governs marriage, unions, contracts, agreements, partnerships and lawsuits. Basically, Libra rules most everything dealing with how we relate in our lives.

This is the time to focus on our relationships and utilize the energy from the Libra season to support changes. We might be drawn to focus solely on our romantic connections but Libra gives energy to all our relationships Libra impacts how we relate to ourselves, our friends, family, money, work, the environment, and our partners or spouses.

Libra works to find balance, justice and beauty in all things. As the sun moves through Libra, we can explore the areas we'd love to balance, bring justice or beautify as it pertains to our relationships.

Aries: Physical appearance is an important aspect of the Aries personality. You go through great lengths to feel good in your body. That might mean exercise or the way you adorn or body with jewelry, makeup and clothing. Your relationship to your body is primary. Aries always look good. Under the Libra sun, consider purchasing a few new items for fall. The October edition of InStyle magazine's "Shop it! The Know-It-All's Guide to Fall Accessories" will inspire you on fashionable ways to improve your relationship with your body and your style.

Taurus: This girl is all about her money. Taurus the bull works hard for the money so it's appropriate to focus on your relationship with money during the Libra season. This is perfect because Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love and money. This might be a great time to check out new ways you can invest your funds. You might also evaluate your work and if you're on a desired path for growth. Or even better, you can get a jump on organizing your receipts for this upcoming tax season. It's not usual for you to get ahead while the rest of us procrastinate.

Gemini: Have you been telling yourself it's time to take a writing class? Your desire to start that project, which would unleash the genius within, lurks just beneath the surf. During the Libra sun, you might focus on your relationship with your brilliant mind and the stories you've not yet told. It's time to let it all out. Elizabeth Gilberts' latest book "Big Magic: Living Beyond Fear" is a great tool to help you get started. She also hosts a podcast titled "Magic Lessons."

Cancer: The nurturer of the Zodiac, Cancer also rules all thing family and heritage. Nurturing your relationships with your family is a great joy for you. Have you considered starting a big, fun project together? A family genealogy would be perfect way to educate everyone about family history while bonding over stories that shed a light on who is who. Start with Ancestry.com for all your genealogical needs.

Leo: The world is your stage. During the Libra season, you'd feel good nurturing yourself. Nothing can make a Leo lady feel as good as great new fashion-forward outfit. You are stylish in every way and this is why you're center stage. Check out some of the new fall trends at Anthropologie for unique and timeless pieces that will make you shine as bright as the sun.

Virgo: This virgin is already focused on her health and the health of those around her, as she is a perfectionist. However, this is a great time to organize your new seasonal food choices for fall. Have you thought of purchasing a cookbook for vegetarian soups? You know how valuable heath is, and you go to great lengths to practice healthy habits. This fall is a great time to up level your health game. If you've been considering becoming a vegetarian this is a perfect time as the weather cools. Check out "A Beautiful Bowl of Soup: The Best Vegetarian Recipes."

Libra: These tender souls are in love with love. They are also the sign that adds beauty and harmony to every space they touch. Libra is ruled by Venus, making it the sign of love and relationship. Recall the Roman Goddess Venus — she embodied sex, prosperity, charm and enchantment. This is a rich time for Libra to cast a spell of love. If you're single, self-love is always primary; if you're partnered, your lover will fall hard under your trance. John O'Donohue's book "Beauty: The Invisible Embrace" will meet you in the spaces of love and eroticism that you treasure.

Scorpio: These ladies are often deeply spiritual and interested in all things transcendent. Focusing on your relationship to your emotion could be a great way to help you relate better to yourself and others. Emotions are driven by our energy, meaning our energy or energies we encounter will dictate how we feel. If you'd like to manage your energy and energies you meet throughout a day, visit I Love Chakra for beautiful jewelry made of various crystals and stones. Opening and balancing your chakras could be the first step to mastering your emotions.

Sagittarian: Sag women are the philanthropists of the zodiac. If you are looking for someone to organize a fund-raising event, a Sagittarian sister is your girl. Under the Libra sun, Sagittarians might find a cause they believe and get busy organizing and raising money. If you're at a loss for a worthy cause, the Syrian Refugee Crisis might just crack your heart wide open and get you doing what you do best, which is help those in need.

Capricorn: Your relationship to your goals are always front and center in your mind. You are very driven and determined to make a success of anything you put your mind to. Have you been thinking of going back to school in order to advance your career? Or have you been considering public speaking as the next step in your path to success? Not even the sky is the limit for a Capricorn, so pick a goal and make it happen.

Aquarius: These darling ladies are the best friends of the zodiac. If you have an Aquarian as a friend, they are solid and necessary in your life. They make their presence valuable to their friends. While the sun is in Libra, this is an amazing time for Aquarians to bring water (meaning something life-sustaining) to their friends. PopSugar has compiled an amazing list of gifts for nearly every price. You'll make your friends happier than you already have.

Pisces: Pisceans are very generous. I don't know a Pisces woman that won't give her last to someone she loves who happens to be in need. They are also deeply spiritual women, which attributes to how wise they can be. Under the Libra sun, the Pisces might focus on building her relationship with her own spirit. She might consider being as generous to her own soul as she is to her those around her. A great fit could be the 21-day meditation experiences that Oprah and Depok Chopra have partnered to bring to several times per year.

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