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What's the Best Book for Your Child's Lunar Sign?

The lunar sign offers key information into the emotional personality of our children. It also helps us understand what each child needs during the early years of development. The lunar sign draws a direct connection between the mother and the child, as the moon represents our relationships to the mother. Reading to our children is important in every way, however if we can read books that nurture the development of their personalities, the impact can very profound. In order to know your child's moon sign, you will only need the exact time and location of their birth.

Aries: "That's Not My Bunny" by Usborne. An Aries lunar sign is fiercely independent and needs lots of action to stay engaged. This series of books is designed for very young readers who require lots of stimulation. It engages the language and sensory skills. Your young Aries moon child will be popping on every cylinder reading these books.

Taurus: "Good Night Yoga" by Mariam Gates. The child with the Taurus moon is very easy going. They likely want to hang out close to mom and do things that assure warmth and safety. This book teaches yoga poses while connecting the natural world.

Gemini: "Curious George Around Town" by H. A. Rey. These children have the most curious minds and like to chat all the time, questioning nearly everything. In order to assist the child with the Gemini moon, you'll need to get them busy thinking and exploring. In many ways, the "Curious George" series is perfect for these little investigators. If you have a young curious child with a Gemini moon, give them "Curious George" and many of their questions will be answered.

Cancer: "The Velveteen Rabbit" by Margery Williams. Children with a moon in Cancer need to feel safe and secure. What better way to do that than by assuring your love for them? This is a classic book that will likely build confidence and deep connection within a sweet and tender child with a Cancer moon. Oh and if mom reads it, this little one will be over the moon. Children with a moon in Cancer love their moms eternally.

Leo: "The Phantom Tollbooth" by Norton Juster. The child with the Leo moon is a star in the making and loves stories that focus on one particular character on an adventure. They will imagine themselves as that character for sure. This book is filled with lessons that one little boy learns after a tollbooth appears in his room. It's perfect for a child who is a little older and willing to get lost in a story filled with drama and adventure.

Virgo: "Nature's Mandala Coloring Book" by Thaneeya MacArdle. Children with a moon in Virgo seek for order and perfection. This book will captivate your little perfectionist by offering them place to practice their skills and become great at something. Mandalas require paying attention to detail and no can do this better or develop this skill more easily than the young child with a Virgo moon.

Libra: "The Way of the Ninja" by David Bruins. These little ones love to socialize. They will be happiest when they are at school, at the park or celebrating any special occasion. So here's to helping them learn to play nice and share with their peers. For the most part, it will come naturally but giving them books focused on relating to others and being fair will get them well on the road to being their best selves.

Scorpio: "The Great Book of Big Feelings" by Mary Hoffman. These little ones have a sixth sense which often means they have lots of feelings. Children with a moon in Scorpio are usually very sensitive to everyone's moods and feelings, including their own. They also find their sense of safety with their mom and will need lots of reassurance from her. Helping them understand their feelings early will eliminate future frustration.

Sagittarius: "Bilingual Tales: Caperucita Roja / Little Red Riding Hood (Spanish and English Edition)" by Luz Orihuela. Children with a Sagittarian moon are little world travelers. They love learning about the world and all the many differences within it. It might be great to start early lessons in a foreign language for this little one. They just want to touch another part of the global in any way possible.

Capricorn: "The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking" by Astrid Lindgren. Children with a moon in Capricorn are the little adults of the zodiac. This is the child who doesn't need much instruction and can seemingly take care of themselves from early on. These stories will intrigue a young Capricorn moon into trusting themselves and becoming great leaders.

Aquarius: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Roald Dahl. They march to their own rhythm from the very beginning. They also care very deeply about the well-being of others. Children with the moon in Aquarian are not interested in fitting in. They are here to be true to themselves. This timeless tale will start a fire the heart of a child who is destiny to stand out and stand up for others.

Pisces: "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. These children are world travelers. I don't mean the real world; I'm talking the world within their minds and hearts. They love fantasy and all thing magic. They are pure dreamers.

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