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The Best Wine for Your Zodiac Sign

What's the best wine for your sign? When you're looking to enjoy a fabulous glass of wine with dinner, wouldn't it be great if there was a type of wine that will make you feel better than any other wine has? The list below might do just that, if you're in the market for that perfect fit, I think we've found it.

Aries: Grenache. You like to have a good time. As a matter of fact you are often the friend inviting everyone over to share in a delightful evening of good food and great wine. You are also bold and willing to take risk. Grenache is a bold wine that will certainly add a courageous flair to any Aries lady.

Taurus: Laurent-Perrier Brut. These ladies have great style and exquisite taste. You desire to feel absolutely fabulous in every way possible. Champagne will take you right to top, which is where you belong.

Gemini: Leitz Rudesheimer Berg Kaisersteinfels Reisling 2012. This bottle is for the woman who is half sweet and half sour, with a wicked sense of humor. This German grown and produced Reisling will tantalize every part of your brilliant mind.

Cancer: Santa Margherita Sparkling Rose. This deeply loving and nurturing woman needs a wine that sparkles, at least half as much she does. A sparking Rose that symbolizes woman, kindness and care. This is the perfect pairing for a Cancer queen.

Leo: La Marco Pressco. You are the center of attention, the star of the show and the belle of the ball. Be sure to drink an award winning Sparking Wine from a region in Italy where it draws its name. You'll take center stage with this Sparkling drink.

Virgo: Tikal Natural Organic Red Blend. We all know how health conscious you are. Even when you're relaxing with friends and good wine, you want to be sure it's good for you. This red blend will help you relax because all the ingredients and production process will past will your standards. And the flavor will dance across your taste buds.

Libra: 2012 Rockbridge V D'OR. Libras are the reason for the party. They create a beautiful space where everyone is sure to have the best time ever. This sweet dessert wine comes highly recommended and I'm sure the Libra girl, who knows how to strike a perfect balance for every occasion, will be at her best serving this sweet wine to her guest.

Scorpio: Chocovine. Nothing is quite as tantalizing for the passionate Scorpio girl as a bottle of wine laced with chocolate. It's orgasmic.

Sagittarius: Trapiche. For the worldly ladies who say exactly what is on their minds, you will cherish a worldly wine that gets right to the point.

Capricorn: Dowton Abbey Bordeaux Claret 2012: You are hardworking and steady. You possess the energy to climb every mountain to get what is yours. This Bordeaux is a perfect blend of grapes for a Capricorn girl that is a perfect blend of work hard and plays hard.

Aquarian: Emiliana Coyam (Certified Biodynamic) 2011. You are the social justice warriors of the Zodiac. You enjoy a good time more when you're assured that no harm was done in the process. A Biodynamic wine will give you the peace you seek, inside and out.

Pisces: Chateau d'Esclans Whispering Angel Rose' 2014. You are angelic and spiritual in nearly every way. For you, a delicate and light wine, sweet Piscean lady.

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