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Birthstone Your Next Mani and Pedi

Why not consider choosing colors that match your birthstone for your next visit to the nail salon? Science has shown that colors have a great deal of impact on our emotions, and in my experience, my birthstone color has a way of making me feel grounded. Take advantage of the healing and empowering power of color!

Aries: Bric-A-Brac, Butter London. Aries ladies are full of heat and fire—it takes a lot to cool the flames of an Aries, and these shades of red will keep 'em burning, even, if the winter blues are tugging at their skirts. Need more energy to get through a day at work, or to have a difficult conversation? These reds are the perfect pick-me-up.

Taurus: Giovanna: Greens are the colors for Taurus this fall. In many spiritual communities and cultures, the heart is depicted in tones of green, and on a chakra chart, green is the color of the heart chakra. Compare that with Western philosophies, in which green represents ambition and wealth. With these two traditions in unity, Taurus are called to do work that their hearts are invested in.

Gemini: Ginessa: The Gemini's birthstone color is pearl. There is a purity and freedom in this color, supporting the Gemini's access to their profound curiosity. Pearl is also a dreamy color that allows creativity to flow. Geminis will want to allow this color to create calm in their restless minds, so they can focus on bringing their dreams to life.

Cancer: Ruby Murry: The color ruby is the symbol of harmony and peace, just as this is the deepest desire of the Cancer woman in her pursuit to nurture and create a harmonious home. Ruby red is associated with success, enthusiasm, protection and integrity. Ruby polish will give the wearer the edge she needs to nurture and care from the best parts of herself.

Leo: Red Carpet Manicure: Peridot is the Leo lady's fall nail color. This powerful hue symbolizes the strength and the courage of the lioness—in humans it is demonstrated in being true to oneself regardless of what the crowd is doing. Leos follow their own trail, and this color will light the way.

Virgo: OPI Nail Polish Light My Sapphire: Sapphire is the color that represents loyalty, dignity, faithfulness, purity and wisdom. Each of these qualities means something significant to Virgos. If a Virgo finds that she could use a reminder of her better self this fall, sapphire polish will sooth her mind and unleash her graceful, dignified way.

Libra: Nail Polish Transformers Top Coats Formula: Libra women are born with the opal birthstone. It symbolizes confidence and loyalty, which Libras exude in every relationship. This color nail polish assures the Libran heart that she's free to be a bold, loving, and dedicated self. Don't hold back Librans, dig into this sparking opal shade, and let all the love flow freely.

Scorpio: Joni Citrine for November: Citrine symbolizes power, clarity, and prosperity. This color promotes wisdom and protection. Our Scorpio sisters will have a blast this fall, as they're wearing a color that connects them to the purity in their own minds. Scorpios are deep thinkers, and they feel their emotions intensely as well. This nail color empowers them to be their bold selves without apology this season.

Sagittarian: Savannah Blue Topaz for December: Turquoise is the color for our lovely Sagittarian women. This color has often been considered a love charm and a symbol of success and good fortune. No wonder Sagittarian women have so much love to give. They go far beyond romance and embrace a love of the entire world. This color serves to keep them inspired to bring their charm and unconditional love to everyone they encounter.

Capricorn: Betty Garnet for January: Capricorns work hard at being efficient and thorough, and garnet red, symbolizing faith, consistency, and love is the perfect accent to their nature. This fall Capricorns get a boost in these qualities through a singularly deep nail color that announces how important they are in the lives of those they love and care for.

Aquarius: Rosa Amethyst for February: Aquarians have a way of making every space they enter better, so it's not surprising this color symbolizes healing. This fall, their energy to serve and heal is brought to the fore with this fantastic amethyst shade.

Pisces: Aretha Aquamarine March: For our Pisces goddesses seeking peace and freedom in all things, this color calms and inspires. Soft and silvery aquamarine promotes the Pisces woman's natural tendency toward higher thinking—it may even inspire an adventure or two!

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