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Align Your Keepsakes with Your Sign

Summer vacation is well and truly over and Fall is in full swing. But before you dive headlong into the holiday season (and yes, I'm including Halloween, shame on me), don't forget to organize your photos and memorabilia from the all the fun events you and the family participated in over the summer. Here are great organizing ideas that match your memories with your astrological sign.

Aries: The Container Store. The Aries mama needs an organization system that she can access quickly. She's needs to be able to touch her family photos whenever she desires. With this in mind, she's best served by printing and organizing her memories annually, including a tab for holidays and special events. This way, she needn't wait when she's ready to frame an item, send photo holiday greetings, or just go down memory lane. Everything is at her fingertips.

Taurus: Canvas Photos. Taurus mamas are elegant in nearly everything they do. Whatever they touch turns to gold, and a great way to display and organize her family's pictures is by creating canvas photos. No bulky frames or glass to distract, just the faces of her gorgeous family doing wonderful things together.

Gemini: Square Space Photo Blog. We know the Gemini lady has stories to tell. She's been on great adventures and wants to tell the world about them. And we want to hear everything she has to say. I would suggest that she organize her photos by starting a photo blog, which will integrate her stories and her extraordinary pictures.

Cancer: Blurb Photo Books. Cancer women want to capture the essence of their family's togetherness, having fun and feeling all the good vibes. A photo book for each child, headlining his or her age and the yearly activities would be just the thing a nurturing Cancer mother would love. This way each child will special and very well taken care of.

Leo: Lilblueboo. While Leo likes to be the center of attention, she's willing to share the spotlight with her kids. She'll surely be making movies to feature the stunning talents of her children and pressing "play" when family and friends visit for the elaborate parties she throws. Here's a great site to help her get started in organizing all the winning performances she's captured.

Virgo: Adobe Light Room: Organization is the name of the game for a Virgo mom. Virgos are clear that they need to create a system to organize their photos from the moment they take the picture. This software will help Virgos create a great story with their photos and organize them perfectly so they may access whatever picture they want whenever they feel the urge.

Libra: Frames. A Libra is all about beauty, and no one is better than a Libran at making her family feel and look beautiful. Her artistic flair causes everyone to stop and look.

Scorpio: Lyve. For the Scorpio mom who absolutely hates clutter in her home (and on her device!), Lyve is going to make her a happy and exuberant mama. Her desire access to her photos and need to feel assured that she has privacy makes this is the perfect product for her.

Sagittarius: Travel Photo Album Scrapbook. Sagittarians are always on the go, and they'll definitely be globetrotting with their family. Here's a great way to organize her family photos with travel-themed albums and scrap books.

Capricorn: Scrapbooking. Here's a fun and fantastic task for those Capricorn mothers who aren't afraid of digging in, being persistent, and seeing it through to the end. Where most of us run away from the work and dedication of a family photo scrapbooking project, our Capricorn ladies take one look at the mountain of photos and take their marks. Here's to happy scrapbooking.

Aquarius: Beautiful Walls. The Aquarian lady serves and honors the family she cares for, and so she needs to put everyone's pictures and artwork on display. Because her family is the center of the world, she makes sure everyone else knows by featuring each member's fabulousness on a beautifully designed wall.

Pisces: DIYCrafts. Pisces women are some of the most creative the zodiac has to offer. They can do whatever creative project they set their minds to, reminiscing while they work. Here are many homey, personal ways to display and organize their family's photos that will inspire them (like they inspire us!).

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