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Halloween Party Themes for Your Astrological Sign

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and now is the time to gear up for a spooky festivity. But what event will best suit your sign? Let these ideas help:

Aries: Famous Athlete Theme Party: Because Aries ladies have such great discipline and endless energy, a famous athlete party would be a blast for them. Guests could wear costumes of successful and highly recognized sports champions. The host and her best friend can dress as the Williams sisters. How fun will that be?

Taurus: Food Theme Party: The Taurus woman is all about earthy pleasure, and what's more pleasurable than good food? She might want to throw a food-themed party, and have guests both come as (and bring!) their favorite dish.

Gemini: Political Theme Party: Geminis love a good conversation and with a presidential campaign gearing up, a political-themed Halloween bash will be everyone's favorite. The adults can have heated debates about the debates, and the children can learn a little history. Is she feels so inclined, the host can hold court all night long.

Cancer: Mother's Theme Party: Since Cancers are the mothers of the zodiac, it might be really fun invite your guest to come dressed as a famous television mom or even as their own mother. For some what is scarier that becoming their mothers. It's inevitable; we all become our mother's sooner or later, allow Halloween to be the designated day?

Leo: Martha Stewart Pumpkin Carving Tools: Creative show-stopping Leo ladies can be the highlight at their own pumpkin-carving party. Let's make a competition out of it, why don't we? If the stakes are high, the carving will be spectacular. Let's get the show started.

Virgo: Film Theme Party. Wouldn't it be fun to have a party where the guests dressed as Oscar winners or characters from their favorite films? Virgos will love this because Hollywood is the only place the perfection they desire can be reached.

Libra: Couples Costume Party: In honor of her skills to create relationships and build love, a famous-couple themed party will be very entertaining and right up the Libran's alley. Guests might dress as Jay-Z and Beyoncḗ or peanut butter and jelly. No matter, they're both super fun.

Scorpio: Dia de los Muertas Theme Party: Usually celebrated on November 1, the day of the dead is a Mexican holiday dedicated to honoring one's deceased ancestors. Because transcendence is Scorpio's magic power, what better way to celebrate Halloween than by having a party that honors the guests' forefathers?

Sagittarian: Era Party: Because Sagittarians love to travel, how about having a party that allows the guests to travel through time? The host can just pick her favorite era, and get going on a great adventure. By including music and accessories from the chosen era, everyone takes a trip that feels authentic.

Capricorn: Success Theme Party: Oh boy! Since Capricorns love glamor, they might want to get everyone to wear a costume of a successful celebrity they admire. They'll have Bill Gates, Oprah and President Obama rubbing shoulders with one another all night long.

Aquarius: Animal and Nature Theme Party: A great way to celebrate Aquarians' love for all of humanity is an animal and nature theme party. The host will want to have recycled and biodegradable cups, utensils, and plates. This theme will jump-start the humanitarian spirit in every partygoer.

Pisces: Spiritual Leader Theme Party: Pisces are all about inspiration, so they might ask guests to dress as Mother Teresa, Ghandi, or the Buddha. This bash will be filled with the power to change the world as we know it, or at least have fun trying.

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