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How Can You Relax During Mercury Retrograde?

Three times per year the planet Mercury gives the appearance of tuning around and traveling backward. This is called a retrograde period. Mercury is the plant that rules communication, technology, thinking, writing, travel, logic, reasoning and wit. Mercury also rules everything concerning how we process information and express ourselves. That's basically everything. This is also the parent planet of Virgo and Gemini. When Mercury goes into a retrograde season it has a slowing affect on all those things I've mentioned. People seem experience lapses in thought, technology issues arise, travel gets complicated and simple conversations about nothing can become huge disagreements. The question is how to relax during a Mercury retrograde season? How can you best protect yourself during these three times per year that last for at least three weeks?

Aries: These ladies have lots of energy to burn so relaxing means burning energy, moving and exerting yourself in a way that will leave you spent. Go for a bike ride for several miles a few times per week during the retrograde or take a local spinning class. I suggest a Hybrid bike which will offer you option for city and mountain cycling.

Taurus: Sensuality is what can relax the Taurus woman. Stimulating the 5 senses is a great way to sooth this bull. How about going out for delicious meal in an environment that gets your attention, maybe the beach for an ocean view or a space with beautiful d├ęcor and great music? Be sure to have a great bottle of wine with your meal, this will assure a relaxed state that not even Mercury retrograde can disturb. The Cheese Cake Factory is a terrific and accessible restaurant for good food and great service. The Avocado rolls are everything!

Gemini: Mercury rules Gemini and that means she feels the retrograde more intensely than most signs. Within the Gemini mind is a library on some topic she loves. Magazines dedicated to a topic of choice will most definitely lull the Gemini. She will get lost for hours creating worlds made of her favorite things with a stack of magazines within arm's reach. For good deals on a large choice of titles check out Magazine.com.

Cancer: This girl can just kick back at home with her family to relax. She feels best when she's taking care of everyone else. In the middle of Mercury retrograde, a Cancer chick and chill out by preparing a good meal at home for her family. For hearty recipes that will comfort your family's taste buds try The Lemonade Cookbook. Every meal is a good choice.

Leo: This Lioness can relax during Mercury retrograde by slipping on some luxurious pajamas and lounging most of the day. She'd not much different than the Lions out in the wild. She does thing on her terms because she can. Before the day is done be sure to climb into a bath filled with sea salts and a fragrant oil to seal the deal. You are queen of the jungle and nothing can really harm you.

Virgo: This earthy girl is also ruled by Mercury, so she is likely to be feeling the brunt of a crazy retrograde. Relax by putting away your technical gadgets and get out into nature and rejuvenate. Get close to the earth with a long hike, Merrell has a vast of selection of boots for the picky Virgo woman or swimming in a lake or the ocean. Virgo is Mother Nature for all intense purposes, unplug and get outdoors and you'll be happy.

Libra: These are the funniest and happiest people of the zodiac. It's likely these girls haven't noticed any setbacks with Mercury being in retrograde and if they have they're busy making lemonade out of lemons. All these ladies need to relax is a great bottle of wine and a few friends to celebrate with. They will celebrate for any reason, and Mercury being in retrograde is a good enough reason for a small party. Whole Foods has a large selection of wine for the girl who might be environmentally conscious.

Scorpio: The intensity emotions of a sensitive Scorpio girl must be on fire during a Mercury retrograde season. What she needs to relax is alone time or at the very least space to be with her feelings and emotions. A massage is a great way to help a Scorpio relax and move out toxic energy they may have encountered during difficult conversations and encounters. Let someone rub you with oil, until you feel good again. Massage Envy has a great reputation for offering service to relax an over stressed lady.

Sagittarian: Travel. Yes, pick up and go somewhere for brief stint. Be careful to make airtight plans because Mercury rules travel. Dot your "I" and cross your "t", to assure a seamless trip. Invite a friend who can engage in wonderful philosophical conversations and just let loose for a couple of days. This will do your heart some good. Check out this Forbes article on the 10 best cities for visit during a weekend vacation.

Capricorn: Getting things done and accomplishing practical goals relax you. This is great! Spend a day planning your week ahead. Pull out your calendar and spend time scheduling your next several days. You might also get your grocery shopping done for the week and this means you've planned the meals ahead. Practical organization is a great way to relax and to prepare during Mercury retrograde. ErinCondren.com has a planner for nearly every occasion. I'm talking Billy Goat heaven.

Aquarius: What can you do to will help you relax during a Mercury retrograde season you ask. That's easy. Spend time with your friends. Aquarians are community people at their core. They make life better for those around them just by being there and this relaxes them. Gather your friends and family, watch a Netflix movie and have fun discussing it. Grace and Frankie will entertain a lively bunch with an Aquarian Fem at the helm.

Pisces: This girl is the simplest and smartest of all the signs when it comes to relaxing. Sleep! Take a hot bath with some lavender bath salts to sooth your body. Lather on some luxurious lavender lotion from Dr. Bonners. Put some clean fresh sheets, preferably with a high thread count, on your bed and dive in. Mercury retrograde, meh!

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