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New Moon Means New You

Once a month the moon is in the phase called a new Moon. The moon is new because this is the one time per month when the Sun and the Moon are in the same Zodiac sign. Just imagine the moon pulling into a gas station and filling up once a month. The new Moon signifies a beginning. It is also the designated best time to start new projects or relationships because the energy is high and full at this time. It's also a great time to sign contracts or create agreements if your desire is for longevity. This happens once per month so be sure to discriminate which goal you will choose. Also, consider doing a ritual to anchor your intention and hearts desires. I ritual could be lighting some candles, burning an incense and speaking your goals aloud. It will be an entire month before you get this high, fresh energy again, so use it for something you have heart for. A new Moon is equal to having the wind behind you as you head toward your most desired destination with no speed limit. Below are suggestions for new projects for your Astrological Sun sign.

Aries: Wen Natural Hair Care. Aries is the sign of new beginning as it is the first sign of the western Zodiac and usual takes on a new project with enthusiasm. The new Moon is a great occasion to change your hair style and products.

Taurus: Nordstrum Bedding. Physical comfort and beauty are the keys to your happiness. This new Moon is the perfect time for you to begin that redecorating project you've been planning to do. You'd do best to start with your bedroom. Nothing will light you up more than new luxurious bedding. You'll feel like the goddess you are once you've decorated your bedroom in the warm colors and accessorized it perfectly.

Gemini: Wordpress.com. Everyone is waiting with bated breath to read what you have to say. What are you waiting for, start saying it today with a great witty blog and any topic you desire.

Cancer: Equinox. This is the best time start nurturing your body, being mother to yourself. Yes, join a gym during the new Moon and you'll the have success crave.

Leo: Youtube. You are a star from every angle so what are you waiting for. Lights. Camera. Action. You don't have to wait for anyone to discover you because you've already discovered you. Start a you tube channel and the world will be a better place.

Virgo: Gardeners Supply Company. A garden is perfect for Mother Nature. You are the earth girl and it's time to get your hands dirty for a really good cause. Starting a garden is project that will keep you engaged and healthy for a long time.

Libra: eHarmony. If you're not already partnered, I bet you're ready to start a new dazzling love affair. Join a dating website for your best chance at finding long lasting love.

Scorpio: Meetup. This is a great time for you to join a women's group. Check out your local Meet Up groups and find something that will tickle your fancy. Or better yet, create a Meet Up group of your liking. Having it your way is the best.

Sagittarian: Elder Helpers. There is no better person to give help when help is needed other than a Sagittarian mama. Haven't you been looking for something worthy to do a couple of times per month? Use this new Moon energy to jump start that volunteer project you've been considering.

Capricorn: Linkedin. That's right. You know exactly what time it is for you. Get your resume out because this is the best time to start the job search and career shift you've been yearning for. Set your intention to land in the perfect position for your skills and happiness.

Aquarius: Pet Finder. You are deeply compassionate and probably looking for some way to share your love and be of service. Fostering a pet might be a wonderful means for you to make a difference for you and a pet in need. Even though it's temporary, you love will endure and make a profound difference.

Pisces: Gold Medal Wine Club. This is a perfect time for this Pisces lady relax. That's right start and relaxation and pleasure project under the new Moon by joining a monthly wine club. Each month you'll get a new bottle of great wine you can share with friends (because you're so generous) or enjoy alone (because you deserve it).

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