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What Should Your Sign Be Reading - Right Now!

Did you know the moon passes through the entire Zodiac within 29 days? Every 2 ½ days the moon packs up her bags and moves to a new Zodiac sign. The movement of the moon impacts how we feel and when the moon is in Gemini, which it is for 2 ½ days each month all of us will feel a desire to think more deeply. Gemini is all about the intellect, mind, study and communication. It doesn't matter if your moon or sun sign is Gemini, what matters is the energy of this particular moon and how we will all be compelled toward deeper thought and behaviors that impact our minds. Reading is a great and easy way to use the energy of the Gemini moon to enhance your month. Here's what you should be reading now to give your brain the juice it needs to get fired up.

Aries: Buddha's Brain by Rick Hanson, The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom. This is a great book for the Aries mom who is generally moving so fast she hasn't stopped to consider herself, what makes her happy and what she really matters to her. She likely spends most the day with her head down plowing through a list of task for her home, the children and her spouse. She does all this after a long day a work, because Aries generally can't do enough. They overflow with copious amounts of energy.

Taurus: The Art of Seduction by Robert Green. These moms are very focused and hard working. They are also very sensual and enjoy integrating seduction and sensuality into their everyday lives. Taurus women know how to get what they want. This book will help them master a natural strength by stepping into their feminine mystic. The Art of Seduction will stimulate the Taurus mind while enhancing their sensual power.

Gemini: Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Gemini has such a great sense of humor and quick wit. They usually can find the humor in the most serious situations. Their minds work faster than most and when most are confused a Gemini girl's cunning and fast thinking has formulated a funny tale that will leave your head spinning. This book will be a breath of fresh air and an escape for the over thinking Gemini.

Cancer: The Red Tent by Amita Diamant: This book will stimulate the mind and heart of any Cancer woman. A tale taken from a biblical character that was mentioned once in the bible, the author develops an entire story for and about women in the red tent.

Leo: The New Earth by Ekhart Tolle. Leo's are all about being themselves and shining bright. They are the light of sun and everything revolves around the sun. This book will set a Leo woman on a path to be her best shining self. She will learn to be present and in doing so light up any environment she enters.

Virgo: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Depok Chopra. The Virgo woman and mom dedicated to health and order. In this book Chopra has outlined seven steps that will help the organized Virgo create a plan to establish inward success in her life and the lives of her family members.

Libra: Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption. This book will touch all the aspect of a Libra woman who is true to her pursuit of balance and justice. This is reading that will open her loving heart wide open.

Scorpio: Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James. Scorpio women have a reputation for loving sex, but in actuality they love experiences that help them transcend their current situations. Scorpios want to be lifted higher and this book will help them get lifted from the mundane to the sublime and strange.

Sagittarian: The Alchemist by Paulo Choelo. This is great book filled with travel and philosophy. Two things a Sag love most. It will get that Sagittarian woman thinking about her life and how she and the protagonist are similar. This is a great book for a deep thinker and feeler.

Capricorn: The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman. A Capricorn woman is a hardworking and looking to make real time concrete progress in her life. She is intellectually stimulated by reading that she can apply to daily living and goals. This goat is running the mountain full steam ahead.

Aquarius: Rising Strong by Brene Brown. Aquarius ladies are humanitarians through and through. If they can help someone feel better and be better overall they will move mountains to for the well being of all. This book will spark within the Aquarian heart mind connection a method of creating connections and building community.

Pisces: The Gift by Hafiz. Pisces is the mystic of the zodiac. In order to stimulate a Pisces intellectually you must allow them go into a dreamy space where God and humanity are one. This book of poetry by the Sufi Poet Hafiz will bring a mystical perspective that will inspire a Pisces.

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