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Lunar-Sign Home Design

If home is where the heart is, than that means our space is loaded with emotions. And our emotions are tied to our lunar sign (which is determined by the placement of the moon at the time of our birth). What better way to beautify your home than with objects, hues, and spaces that evoke an emotional connection within? Does your moon sign suggest that you need flowers, bold colors, or lots of pillows? Let's find out!

Aries: HGTV: If Aries is your moon sign, you're bold and busy. You're very optimistic, saying yes to any great idea that comes to you. Some might consider this impulsive but you are just living your life fully in the moment. Your home needs bold colors to match your energy and help you stay in the enthusiastic place that suits you best.

Taurus: One Kings Lane: You desire comfort and security, if Taurus is your lunar sign. You're also very romantic and driven by your senses. Beautify your home with a signature piece of furniture that says both "I'm here to stay and I'm stylish."

Gemini: House Beautiful: The homes of those with Gemini as their moon sign must be designed to entertain. Your moon in Gemini means you love gatherings, great conversation, and plenty of intellectual stimulation. You need space for people to sit (and lots of bookshelves!).

Cancer: The Container Store: Ladies who have a Cancer moon sign are more connected to their homes than those of any other sign. If this is you, your home represents family, security, and safety. It is the place you love being the most. You love memorabilia, but this passion can result in clutter. Beautify your home by finding a way to keep all your keepsakes organized while creating a nurturing environment for you and your family.

Leo: rochebobios: Folks with a Leo moon love to be the center of attention. They're strong organizers, and enjoy throwing parties in which they really make a point of entertaining their guests. If your moon is Leo, you need a home with beautiful furniture is as spectacular as you are.

Virgo: Design Sponge: Simplicity rules. If your lunar sign is Virgo you find happiness in the smallest details. You take great care to organize and create processes that work, which includes in your home. You will beautify your home by having a space for everything.

Libra: HGTV A Libra moon means you are brilliant at creating a beautiful space. No doubt your home is a place of harmony and comfort to everyone who's invited. For the extra touch, consider special lighting to give the flair of light, shadow, and color that brings a subtle, yet powerful aura to every room.

Scorpio: A Touch of Class: Those with the Scorpio moon are deeply intense and mystical people. In order for you to feel comfortable in your home, you'll need a theme that speaks to your inner world. Rich deep colors, animal prints, or big bold art will add the flair and beauty that reflects your soul.

Sagittarius: My Home Ideas: With a moon in Sagittarius you're likely on the go. You enjoy socializing and group activities. Your most comfortable home environment would need to include an outdoor space where you can be free and unencumbered.

Capricorn: Home Decorations: The Capricorn moon relies on tradition, security, and permanence. If you're a Capricorn, you work hard and want a home to reflect your stability. Earth tones suggest the calm nature a Capricorn moon. Look for traditional, subtle shades and styles.

Aquarius: Jeld-wen: The true free spirits of the zodiac, those with lunar aspects in Aquarius are not mainstream in any way. If Aquarius is your moon sign, you need big open spaces and lots of windows in order to feel the freedom that lives inside you. If windows aren't available, mirrors are the next best thing.

Pisces: Real Simple: When Pisces is the moon sign, there's a deep tie to ocean, nature, and animals. If you're a Pisces, you may have a couple of pets that you're very connected with. Pisces are very caring and profoundly intuitive. The best way to beautify your home space is with plants and flowers. I wouldn't be surprised if you could communicate with them, you're so tapped in.

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