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Halloween Costumes for Your Child's Moon Sign

Your moon sign is determined by the location of the moon at the time of your birth. Even though we don't reference it much in western astrology, it is as important as our sun sign, as it rules our emotions. Children are most true to their moon signs because as their minds and personalities are developing, they tend to function through their feelings. This Halloween, it would be great fun to allow your child to dress in a costume that speaks to their moon sign, as they will likely feel a great emotional connection to any character chosen to fit their lunar astrology. Go to Astro.com to find out your child's moon sign.

Aries: Pirate: Children with Aries as their moon sign are very competitive and highly active. They need lots of physical stimulation to burn the fire within them, and they need lots of support from their parents to help build their confidence. A pirate costume speaks to adventure, exploration, and tenacity, which these ones little have more than their share of.

Taurus: Chef: Young Taureans are highly driven by their senses, particularly their sense of taste, and they're easily comforted by foods they enjoy. A chef costume would emotionally engage them in food preparation, which, with their easy-going nature, is something they will surely find pleasure in throughout life.

Gemini: Politician: Little Geminis are super chatty and very curious. They love reading and being read to. They make friends with everyone because they are willing to engage in a conversation with whoever will listen. As they're comfortable being out and center, they'll feel at home dressing as a public figure.

Cancer: Dog: Children with a Cancer moon sign are focused on one thing: the family they belong to and the mother that loves them. Family first all the way! A dog costume is the perfect way for Cancer-borne kids to express themselves!

Leo: Movie Star: Leos are the stars of the zodiac. These children need a positive outlet for their creative energy and to feel seen and recognized for their talents and achievements. It would be fun to share old Hollywood movies with them and dress them as a glamorous star of old.

Virgo: Doctor: Children with a Virgo moon sign are the true perfection seekers of the zodiac. They care about order and health—and they like to talk a lot. They are also very good at serving others. Gear them up for a life of service by tapping into the healer within them.

Libra: School Teacher: Little Librans are social butterflies, focused on harmony and being sure that everyone feels good and happy. They also have a great sense of style and can accessorize with the best of them, even at a young age. Because they tend to flourish in a group setting, these children tend to love school. They're sure to enjoy being in charge of the classroom for Halloween.

Scorpio: Fairy: There's something magical about Scorpian children; they seem to be in touch with the unseen world. Quizzical and ethereal, a fairy costume lets them sink into their mystical side.

Sagittarius: Pilot: A spirit for adventure and travel rule those with their moon in Sagittarius. These kids need lots of physical stimulation and outdoor activity, as the world is their playground. Being a pilot plugs Sagittarian children into their natural desire to reach for the sky.

Capricorn: Superhero: Because Capricorns are very mature and usually capable of taking on lots of adult responsibilities at a young age, it's important to nurture their imagination. Encourage them to dream, take action, and save the world. There's lots of time ahead for all the hard work and success they'll achieve.

Aquarius: Talk-Show Host: If you're looking for the most eccentric people in the zodiac, you've found them if you have a little Aquarian moon sign in your care. They absolutely love people and are great at relating to nearly everyone. Give them a microphone, a camera, and list of questions and send them on their way for Halloween.

Pisces: Artist: Pisces are the zodiac's true artists. Compassion for everyone pours out of them. Pisces kids are so enlightened they can travel between worlds and realms (if you believe in this type stuff). They have the best fantasies, which make them artists extraordinaire.

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