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Build Your Children's Confidence with Astrology

All people—adults and children—like to feel good about themselves. As adults, we know that feeling good has a lot to do with being grounded in, and expressing, who we are inside. What will make your children feel good from the inside out? How can you inspire them to feel like they are presenting their best selves? Here's some astrologically-informed input on helping kids feel like they're putting their best foot forward:

Aries: doTerra: Aries babies need lots of outdoor time to feel their absolute best. They need to play, run, jump, skip, and get dirty. Once they've gotten all that energy out, nurture them by giving them a bath with natural essential oils. This will surely make them feel powerful in all the ways they love and need. After bathing them with the oil, try mixing it with coconut oil and give your little fireball a nice relaxing massage.

Taurus: Mom.me: Little Taureans like their earthly pleasures and nothing matters as much to them as things that taste good. I advise giving your little Taurus bull good-tasting healthy foods rather than sugary snacks that will create bad eating habits. How about making fresh fruit smoothies at home, or homemade desserts that will leave their mouth watering?

Gemini: Psychology Today: If you have a little Gemini at home, you'll need to have a lot of long talks in order to touch the place that makes them feel the best. For these little ones, communication is beauty and connection. You'll be answering lots of questions because they are very curious. I'd include books and learning tools in the conversations to spark the beautiful mind they're developing.

Cancer: Pottery Barn Kids: Little Cancer children feel their happiest when they feel connected with their mothers. Cancer is ruled by the moon and deeply emotional, sensitive, and desiring of attention and affection. When they're young, give kids ruled by Cancer a good deal of your time, but also give them space and small amounts of alone time, so they become too dependent on others' presence. It won't be surprising if your Cancer has a toy or blanket he or she carries all the time for comfort.

Leo: Akid: All eyes on me! Your little Leo wants all of your attention and the attention of anyone else who will watch. These little Lions like looking good because they know looking good (having cool shoes or a nice jacket) will get them noticed by their friends or other adults. They feel best when they're in the middle of the room. Ruled by the Sun, they know how much they matter.

Virgo: The Honest Company: Young Virgos are perfection-seeking kids who need lots of order. If you want little Virgos to feel good about themselves, to have high confidence and soar, be sure to help them create clean spaces. Give them chores and cleaning tools specifically for them. They love to create order and processes, so let them.

Libra: Play Dates: Oh, Libra is easy! All it takes to make a Libra child happy is a playdate. They love to socialize and entertain; it makes their hearts happy. They also love style. Libra children will be picking out mommy's accessories long before kids born under any other sign. Make them feel good and beautiful by giving them lots of playdates and good stylish clothing.

Scorpio: Daily Finance: Young Scorpios have powerful imaginations, which makes them extraordinarily creative. Being happy creating their own little worlds, these little ones don't need much interaction from others and tend to me loners or have a few very good friends. To help your Scorpio child feel alive, beautiful, and magnetic, give them the toys that allow them to build worlds and create characters.

Sagittarian: Disney Adventure: Sagittarians are great explorers. As soon as they can move on their own, they will be unstoppable. They want to see, touch, and know everything about everything. To keep them feeling their best, get them involved in lots of outdoor activities. Take them to parks and adventure venues, but also to museums and shows. The more they can see and explore, the better they will feel.

Capricorn: Mom.me: Capricorn babies are "born old"—they have old souls and are mature beyond their years. They feel best with stability in the major areas of their lives such as home, school, and friends. Encourage them to play and have fun, because they can take themselves too seriously early on. Family time will make these little rams feel confident and secure. Be sure to have a family dinner at least one time per week, and make a special event out of it for your Capricorn old soul.

Aquarius: ASPCA: Without a doubt, Aquarians are the humanitarians of the zodiac. Even as children they're concerned about the well-being of others and being fair. Getting a pet from a rescue facility in your community would be a great way to foster your Aquarian kid's natural goodness. Rescuing a pet would make them feel happy, necessary, and on-purpose.

Pisces: Digital Photography: Creative Pisceans have dreamy eyes, but are wise beyond their years. Children born under Pisces have a knowing about life even before they've lived it. They are also good at any and all creative activities. To make them feel good and special, let them perform. Get them in dance or performing arts classes early. Let them take pictures and make films with an old phone or camera. Participate in many of their productions, and when it's done celebrate them. They will feel like they are on top of the world.

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