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Align With Your Sign to Feel More Beautiful

We all want to feel more beautiful. And of course you know that feeling beautiful is actually the key to being beautiful. What does your astrological sign tell you about what makes you feel alive, and radiant? Let's take a look at choices that will align with the energy of your sign, which will in turn make you feel yummy from the inside out. Don't expect lipstick and perfume to change your life. It takes something more than adding a little color to your face to feel beautiful. Follow me and let's discover your inner beauty.

Aries: Women's Health magazine: Beauty is truly about accomplishment for the woman born under the Aries sun. Your sense of satisfaction when getting something done—starting new projects and seeing them through, makes you feel alive and beautiful. You never give up because you have the energy of a ram. If cosmetics are your desire, use them to enhance rather than cover. You are such a hard worker in every way, there's no reason to hide.

Taurus: Nordstrum: Ruled by the five senses and Venus, the planet of love and money, Taurean women desire earthly pleasures. As a Taurean, beautiful things make you feel beautiful, and you'll feel gorgeous knowing you're wearing a sexy lace bra and panties—especially if the fabrics are soft and run across your skin in a way that makes your body quiver. Earthly pleasure is the key to unlocking your beauty.

Gemini: Forbes: It might seem odd but Gemini women feel most beautiful when they're being their funny and intellectual selves. If you're a Gemini, beauty starts in your brain and that's just the facts. I suggest you practice up on your conversational skills because you love engaging in worthy talks with anyone willing to listen and participate. (Anyone intellectual enough to keep pace, that is.) Using your brain is your key to feeling beautiful.

Cancer: Chopra Center: Those born under the sign of Cancer have a deep inner world and come across as very mysterious. As a Cancer, you're subtle and sensitive, someone whose feelings get bruised easily. You feel most beautiful when you're with familiar people whom you trust and in a familiar environment that resonates as home. Beauty for you is an inside job that lends to security and comfort. Self-nurture and care will give you a big beauty boost.

Leo: Luminescent Fringe Necklace: Leo women are the lionesses of the jungle. If you're ruled by Leo, you move through the world knowing nothing can harm you. There is nothing shy about you, and being seen makes you feel most beautiful. Accessorize your wardrobe with bright colors, bold jewelry, and stylish bags that get you the attention you deserve.

Virgo: Breville Juicer: As a Virgo, you take amazing care of yourself. Your healthy lifestyle is the key to your feeling good and beautiful, and you know it. Perfection may not be attainable, but you'll make it your goal each and every day. Enhance your beauty with a new juicer. All those delicious green and vegetable juices will do wonders for your skin, and you'll start each day feeling and looking stunning.

Libra: Anthropologie: Librans are ruled by Venus, so beauty is their playground. If you're a Libran, everything you do includes a touch of beauty. You are charming and supportive, and you bring a measure of harmony to everyone you encounter. While your sense of fashion is feminine, you could wear a paper bag and pull it off, but you'll love these dresses too.

Scorpio: Ted: The Scorpio woman is known for her intensity and her secretive manner. As a Scorpian, your mysterious nature makes you alluring and beautiful to others, but what makes you feel beautiful is your ability to change. You feel most beautiful when you're able to go to new heights; to be better. Here's a little inspiration for your next incarnation.

Sagittarian: Forbes: For the Sagittarian female, the wilds of nature are irresistible. Your adventurous spirit is seeded by the power of Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion and luck. You're your most beautiful when you're outdoors, traveling the world or even lazing in a nearby park. You'll as radiant as the sunset when you're experiencing the natural beauties of the world.

Capricorn: Massage Envy: Capricorns are resilient, and they're dedicated workers. You know that as a Capricorn, the words give up are not in your vocabulary. Success and achievement make you feel beautiful. But then, so does reward. It's time you reward yourself for all you've done to get to the top. For one moment put down the work and step into the spa to relax the tension out of your muscles and experience the feeling of beauty from a moment of surrender.

Aquarius: The Wine Sisters: Aquarian ladies have their own mind. By being an Aquarian, you believe what you choose to believe,and do what matters most to you. The funny thing is what matters most to you is the well-being of others. You can't help yourself when it comes to finding a way to make all good things possible. You feel most beautiful when you're doing what makes others happy. It might be time to gather your family and friends for one of your fabulously fun dinner parties. You're the best at shining and giving.

Pisces: Discovery: The creativity that flows from a Pisces woman is undeniably beautiful. You feel your most ravishing self when you're creating and sharing that creation with those you love. To spark your creative muse, try spending some time in nature. The beauty of the planet's wonders will get your creative juices flowing for sure.

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