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Let Your Kid's Star Sign Rule Your Movie Choice

Movie night can be great fun for our children. It's an occasion for getting cozy, preparing snacks, and turning the lights down low. The comforts of your home make it extra special and fun for everyone. There are so many great children's films to choose from. But what are the best movies and themes to support your children's astrological fingerprint? Remember, the younger the child, the more impressionable he or she is, so be sure to show movies that are both entertaining and uplifting.

Aries: Spy Kids. Spy Kids is a film about two kids, brother and sister, who are the world's greatest spies. This film is action and gadget packed. Your little Aries will stay seated throughout the entire thing (imagine that!). The imaginative children depicted are sure to match your child's energy, and who knows what inspiration will be uncovered?

Taurus: The Princess Bride. The Princess Bride is a fairy tale about a beautiful princess who needs rescuing from the evil villain by a gallant prince. For the young Venus-ruled Taurus, this romantic, and wildly funny movie pulls those heart strings.

Gemini: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This third film in the Harry Potter series is filled with magic and adventure. It's Harry's third year at Hogwarts and it starts off badly when he learns that deranged killer Sirius Black has escaped from prison. The little Gemini mind will be racing to figure out every twist and turn out before it happens.

Cancer: Inside Out. Riley is a happy child whose life is turned upside down when her family moves to San Francisco. This film is perfect for the sensitive, home-loving young Cancer—it's very entertaining, and teaches some great lessons on being true to oneself.

Leo: Iron Giant. In Iron Giant, a young boy rescues a mechanical giant who has come to earth from another planet. This is a perfect film for young Leos, who are already developing the desire to protect what they care about.

Virgo: Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins is a classic film about a nanny who has magical powers. She answers a job post and her presence in her new home transforms the entire family. A Virgo child will love the depiction of the joy-filled (but not conflict-free) household (and there's talk of a remake!).

Libra: Frozen. In Frozen, the ultimate relationship film, two sisters bond as they work to release the kingdom from the elder sister's ice spell. It is a beautiful and entertaining story. Any Libra child will be fully engaged from beginning to end.

Scorpio: How to Train Your Dragon. A boy doesn't follow the ways of village and befriends a dragon in How to Train Your Dragon. In doing so, he also manages to change what around him no longer works. A Scorpio child will love the tenacity and will the character in this film demonstrates.

Sagittarius: Finding Nemo. Nemo goes on a great adventure after he gets separated from his dad and captured by a dentist to be placed in a fish tank. The themes and lessons in this film will be great for every child, but the Sagittarian youngster who is curious about the world will be especially engaged.

Capricorn: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. A classic tale about a smart and responsible boy who has a very poor family and what happens when he finds one of the golden tickets to tour the chocolate factory. The deep-thinking and already hard-working Capricorn child will relate to this character and enjoy this film immensely.

Aquarius: The Wiz. A play off the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy gets caught in a tornado and finds herself in a magical place called OZ. She meets three friends who travel with her to find the Wiz to her get back home. There is music, magic, spectacular dance performance and lots of love and humanity. This is a perfect for an eclectic little Aquarian.

Pisces: E.T., - The Extra-Terrestrial. This is a film about a group of children that discover an alien and their efforts to help him get home. It has everything a Piscean dreamer would appreciate.

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