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Travel Breaks for Every Astrological Sign

Your astrological sign tells you a great deal about your personality. Throughout your lifetime there may be many travel opportunities available to you, but not everyone is cut out for the same destinations or adventures. You might enjoy backpacking while others prefer a five-star hotel. What does your astrological sign tell you about the most relaxing and reinvigorating trips for you? What times and adventures best serve your style? Keep in mind that our sun sign is just one indicator to personality preference and not always painting a complete picture.

Aries: Eurail. As an active fire sign who likes to see as much as possible, a European tour of several cities would delight your inner ram. Can't you see yourself on the bullet-speed railway, taking in all the gorgeous sites as you travel from one destination to the next? This is just the type of travel your Aries spirit will devour.

Taurus: Ritz Carlton. Your desire for sensual pleasure will run over in the Middle East. For a unique and tantalizing experience that will drive your pleasure-meter into the atmosphere, Taurus the bull needs to pull out all the stops. I suggest readjusting your measuring stick for what is considered luxury, because Abu Dhabi will put you an entirely new league.

Gemini: New York Museums. Dear Gemini, a museum-focused vacation will make your toes curl for sure. Consider what might happen to your heart if you spent three days in New York City visiting the museums and countless art exhibits. Doesn't your blood race just at the thought of it? New York's cultural offerings are world renowned, largely because of the quality of its museums' treasures. And while you're at it, be sure to eat some great food and see a Broadway show.

Cancer: Living Social. Yes, we all know a Cancer would prefer to stay in her shell rather than venture out into the big the scary world. A stay-cation is your travel dream. But you'd also be comfortable on a beautiful beach, with white sand. You can spend a few days tucked away in a cozy room with the ocean air covering you. And just like the crab, you'll only have to come out for food. A stay-cation on a vacation.

Leo: The Fairmont. Leos want luxury, and will spare no expense to get what they desire. Don't waste any time in a secluded, quiet place. Pull out all the stops and visit a city with lots of restaurants, shopping, and site seeing.

Virgo: Insight Vacations. Virgo needs to feel productive, even on vacation. A trip to an exotic place like India, Africa, or Peru would keep your busy mind occupied and your active body moving. You'll thrive eating local dishes, visting ancient ruins, and getting a chance to spend time with the locals and learn some of the customs.

Libra: Italian Vacations. You love to socialize wine, dine, and shop. For Librans, your destination vacation will need to keep you on the go, indulging in all the beauty, pleasure, and luxury your heart desires. The best part of any vacation for you will be romance. Take a trip to a romantic city with someone who makes your heart jump each time you lay eyes them.

Scorpio: Florida Keys Vacation. To you dear Scorpio, a vacation is an opportunity to drop out of sight and just be in a private and exclusive setting for as long as possible. You won't need your cell phone, a television, or a busy city to get lost in. For you it's all about room service, a well-stocked refrigerator and some decadent pleasures like chocolate and champagne.

Sagittarian: Turkish Vacation Packages. Nothing excites a Sagittarian more than a trip to a far-off land. As a matter of fact, the further away you go from your homeland, the happier you are. You adore trips to exotic places, where you can immerse yourself in a new culture and try new foods. Throw in a city that with deep religious influences, and every part of you will be stimulated.

Capricorn: Travel and Leisure Mountain Vacations. As a Capricorn, you'd love a mountaintop vacation with beautiful views, maybe some skiing, and definitely a little bit of effort. Even on vacation the goat will find a way to get in a little bit of work in each day, even if it's just tidying up the hotel room. But don't let your inner worker-bee rule the trip; as an earth sign, you appreciate nature—make sure to get out and get lost in the beauty of the mountains.

Aquarius: Grand Canyon Hotel. Aquarians love the great outdoors. You also love being with your friends, so why not plan a trip that features both? A girls' trip to the Grand Canyon would be terrific for you. You can explore the mysteries and the beauty of the canyon while staying connected to your highly adored and valued friends.

Pisces: Trip Advisors Nantucket. Your love for romance and fantasy has taken you on many vacations in your lovely imagination. Now's the time to bring what you've created in your dreams to life. A wonderful trip for Pisces means finding a little cottage, bringing a camera, and spending the days taking in the sights, meeting the locals, enjoying good meals, and relaxing.

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