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Tips for Each Sign to Use the Power of the Full Moon In Taurus

Its full-moon time once again. This month's full moon is in Taurus, which is the zodiac sign of sensual pleasure. It is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and money. Just as the new moon is a time for beginnings, the full moon is a time for endings and completion. This is a great time of the month to close out projects, say something that hasn't been spoken, and allow yourself to rest up for the next new adventures. For each sign I have chosen a unique item to assist you in managing the culminating energy of this Taurus Full moon.

Aries: Black Onyx Crystals. As an Aries, you're physically oriented. You might use this full moon to end a difficult relationship that is impacting your body or physical fitness. If you're caught in a cycle of negative choices with a lover, this is great a time to end that relationship. It is also a good time to look at what you've been eating. If you find that your food choices don't make you feel good, the full moon is a good opportunity to change your diet. Carrying a small piece of black onyx on your body, tucked away in your pocket or near your heart, will assist you in this process.

Taurus: New Age Smudge and Herbs Sage. Because the full moon is in Taurus, you will feel its impact more than most. This is a great time for you to allow the full moon's energy to help you calm down if you've been experiencing stress. Because you are an earth sign, you connect easily with the grounding and calming powers of the earth. Clear out the old stresses you've allowed to take up so much of mind, and move forward into a lovely season of peace and tranquility. The ancient practice of sage smudging will assist you in clearing our negative energy and moving forward.

Gemini: Serenity. As a Gemini, you have a habit of overthinking things and living inside of your mind. The full moon's energy creates a space for you to quiet your mind. Turn off the television and turn on some great meditation music to help you get out of your head and into your body.

Cancer: Rhodochrosite. The full moon occurs in Cancer's eleventh house, which is the Cancer woman's placement for friendships and fulfilling dreams. Would you like to change a dynamic within one of your close friendships? Now is the time to make that happen. This full moon will also shine a very bright light on your dreams. Let go of putting them off and start creating a plan toward your heart's desires. A nice piece of rhodochrosite will assist you in raising your self-esteem and self-love.

Leo: Interview Skills. Are you a Leo looking to make some changes in your career? If yes, this full moon in Taurus is the perfect time to allow your current work projects to come to a close (even if just in your mind), as you start putting feelers out for new work endeavors that are more aligned with where you see yourself in the next couple of years. Update your resume, start making some calls, and get LinkedIn.

Virgo: Dharma.org. The full moon falls in your ninth house, dear virgin. This is the placement for travel, legal matters, publishing, and religion to name a few. You might plan a trip you've been wanting to take, or you could reevaluate your religious beliefs and decide to make some much needed changes. How about combining the two and planning a meditation retreat? Enter November with a refreshed soul.

Libra: Rose Quartz. This Taurus full moon falls in Libra's eighth house, which suggests that this might be the time to alter a relationship or a financial investment. Not all endings are a completion—they may be just a shift in direction. The full moon will shine a light what needs to change and the new path to be followed. Rose quartz will aid you in opening your heart to love.

Scorpio: Amethyst Chrystal Skull. Happy Birthday dear Scorpio! This is a great month to take a time some time celebrate yourself. The full moon in Taurus falls in your seventh house of relationship, a relationship with one other person to be specific. If there is a relationship in your life that needs your attention and may be causing any type of frustration, now is the time to access what you need from that person (and from yourself!) to be happy. Let whatever is revealed to guide you. Beautiful amethyst crystals will assist your relationship journey.

Sagittarian: Smoky Quartz. The full moon in Taurus is shining a light on the Sagittarian's daily activities. The practical, mundane things that you do every day come to light and you have an opportunity to make much-needed changes. Do you need to create new systems at work in order to have greater productivity? How about your exercise routine? Do you need to create one, or are you having success with your current practices? A smoky quartz crystal will help you ground yourself into your earthly experiences and make the changes needed.

Capricorn: Sunstone Crystal. Okay hard-working Capricorns, this full moon in Taurus lands in your fifth house of entertainment, creativity, delight, and hobbies. My guess is it's time you focused more on having fun and balanced the "productivity" drive that runs you most of the time. The sunstone crystal will lift your energy and lighten your spirits to allow some fun to be had.

Aquarius: Citrine Crystal. For Aquarian women, the full moon in Taurus will land in their fourth house, which impacts the home and real estate. If there are changes you'd like to make in your home life, a move, redecorating, or healing old memories housed in your subconscious, you'll have the support you need this month. A citrine crystal will ground you as you let go of the old stuff you've lived with.

Pisces: Aquamarine Crystal. The Taurus full moon will shine a light on things from the Pisces' childhood that require a shift. Maybe you have a difficult relationship with a sibling—it might be time for you to make a change in your approach. The full moon could also impact your daily tasks, affecting your experiences at the market, the bank, workplace, or home. Changes are happening dear Pisces, and the full moon will give you the light and energy needed for success. A lovely piece of aquamarine crystal will assist you in speaking your truth and feeling steady.

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