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Hobbies for Your Astrological Sign

I just heard a story about a dental assistant who decided to start buying old furniture from Craigslist and refurbishing it herself. Now she's no longer a dental assistant but rather a woman who repairs furniture out of her own studio. What hobby would change your life, open your heart, and make you feel alive and on purpose? What does your astrological chart suggest about a hobby that could add more meaning to your life?

Aries: Climbing. As an Aries, you're a ram, and rams belong on mountaintops. Aries needs to be outdoors, using their bodies to exert lots of effort, and pushing themselves to new levels. If rock climbing seems too risky for you (which I doubt), be sure to find a hobby that uses your body and 100 percent of it. There shall be no sitting around for you during your leisure time. Rest when you're dead.

Taurus: Divine Chocolate. Your love for food says one thing and one thing only. You must find your pleasure in the kitchen, preparing some decadent dessert that will tantalize all of your sensations. You'll also love learning about the science behind chocolate and the journey from bean to bar. You can dive headfirst into this hobby and everyone will love you when you show up with bags of chocolate treats.

Gemini: Scribofile. Geminis are storytellers. If you're not already taking the time to write your stories, or about something you love, it's time to do so, because your brain is filled with ideas and topics you are passionate about. A writing group might be good to help keep you focused and on track. Twenty minutes per day is all you need.

Cancer: Basic Stained Glass Making. As a Cancer, your home is your domain, and you should make it all your heart desires. Stained-glass windows and art have a way bringing a sacred tone to any environment. Because where you live is so integral to who you are, why not take up a hobby that offers you the chance to create a sacred sanctuary for yourself and your family?

Leo: The Best Woman's Stage Monologues. Some people want the light and cameras on them, while others deserve it. You, my dear Leo, have a natural ability to draw attention to yourself. It might be time that you take center stage, making it official that you can deliver the lines and nail the role. Learning monologues is a great way to sharpen your memory and build your acting skills before graduating to an actual class.

Virgo: CNN, Why Gardening is Good For Your Health. Yes, as a Virgo, you are a perfectionist, and this trait applies to your health and well-being. You want everyone to have good food, clean water, and the resources they need to live healthful lives. Starting a garden would be a great way to relieve stress while doing something worthwhile. Once you grow healthy veggies, you can share them with your neighbors.

Libra: Interior Design, Pintrest. Use your creativity to redo an area in your home. Make it what you've always imagined. Visit your local flea markets and peruse Craigslist for some great affordable finds. This is all in service to your desire to create and inspire beauty wherever you go. Why not start where you live? Make one little space exceptionally beautiful and then move out from there.

Scorpio: Walther Mosley Black Betty. Scorpios love a good mystery novel. Nothing calls to you like going into the dark and unknown places to be with the shadow side of humanity. Curling up with a good mystery not only challenges your intellect, but allows you to touch the human darkness while staying safe in your own bedroom.

Sagittarius: Hoops Unlimited. Sagittarians love being on the go, and outdoor activities do your soul well. If you aren't traveling, you need to at least be out of the house, socializing, and meeting new people. Getting involved in a basketball league would keep you active, engaged, and meeting people who have a similar interest.

Capricorn: Starting and Running a Financial Investment Club. As a Capricorn, you need to build something, and what better to build than financial prosperity with a group of other women who have the same interest? With your work ethic, you'd be great at coming up with smart investment ideas. Isn't money a great hobby?

Aquarius: How to Geek. Freedom is your great passion, and whatever makes you feel free is what you should be doing. Is it music, writing, or being with children? That's just it, dear Aquarian, pick one for now and move on once you've completed it. You're good at everything you do, so let's start with collecting music.

Pisces: Scuba Diving. Back to the ocean you must return one day, my Pisces sister. If ever there was an earthly mermaid it is you. You are beautiful, magical, and feminine—you're so alluring on land, just imagine what you will be in the sea. Scuba-diving classes will take you to world only imagined and you'll be all the better for it.

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