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Which Cuisine is Right for Your Astrological Sign?

Food, glorious food! There are times when food is more than sustenance, even more than a great pleasure—when it rises to a sort of religious experience. It's for those times that I grow curious about how the placement of the moon, sun, and other planets might impact our meals. I suspect that when the sun or moon, or both, are parked in Taurus, our pleasure centers are turned up and our five senses are on the alert. What cuisine aligns with the characteristics of your astrological chart? Let's have fun figuring it out.

Aries: Everyday Italian: 125 Simple and Delicious Recipes. If there's one sign that likely has the metabolism for a carb-centric diet, it would be you, dear Aries. Your body is your vehicle to speed through life, and you need to give it energy to keep up with all you're doing. Italian food, with its rich sauces, flavorful pastas, and mouthwatering bread, will give you all the energy you need and more. Just be sure to keep moving and burning it off in the way only an Aries can do.

Taurus: Indian Food. I've never met a Taurus who didn't have an extra-special relationship with food. Ruled by Venus, Taureans are led by their senses, and food is an experience to be savored for a Taurus. If you're a Taurus, you need flavor and lots of it. You're most satisfied when your palate is dancing to disco music. Indian food will get the party started and keep it going for hours—with all the spices and flavors it serves up, you'll be orgasmic.

Gemini: Japanese - Rice, Noodle, Fish. As a Gemini, you occasionally get a bad rap because you have two personalities dwelling within one body (and one mind). You think a lot about everything, and your food deserves lots of thought and consideration. Japanese cuisine can offer both parts of you the experience and the flavor you love. Sushi is a treat to eat with friends over a great conversation, and other Japanese dishes, such as teriyaki dishes and bowls, are something you can do alone. Whichever personality is leading you at the moment, Japanese cuisine can serve your mental and physical well being.

Cancer: The Mexican Slow Cooker. No food cuisine says, "I love you, I'm going to take good care of you," like Mexican food. Although as a Cancer you're more thoughtful about nurturing others than you are of yourself, we all know you have needs to. You need to feel safe and cozy, and Mexican food does that with its homespun flavors and textures. A tortilla is synonymous with mother, isn't it?

Leo: America's Best Barbeque. For you, Leo, it must be big and delicious, and nothing says big and delicious like barbeque. As the queen of the jungle, nothing gets you more excited than a good piece of meat or a side of ribs dripping with sauce. You're not afraid of getting a little messy because you know how well you clean up. All eyes are on you all the time. Let them see you let your hair down and feast.

Virgo: Macrobiotic Diet Cookbook. With Virgo's sensitive digestive track, you always need to be mindful of what you're eating. Compounded with your neuroses about health, your friends have learned to ask, "What exactly can't you eat?" when they invite you over. In good ol' Virgo fashion you reply "Don't worry about me; I'll eat before I arrive." A macrobiotic diet is a clean food plan that includes grains, local vegetables, and clean meats. My dear Virgo, here is perfection.

Libra: Quick and Easy Thai. You enjoy all kinds of food as long as you're preparing it and making sure everyone else is having a great time. Ruled by Venus, pleasure is your domain and no one does pleasure as well as you, Libra. Because you like to be the life of party, Thai food is a great choice—it will have everyone singing your praises. Thai dishes with noodles and delicious broths are the perfect balance of homey and elegant..

Scorpio: Farm Fresh To You. Although Scorpio doesn't want in the libido area, why not keep the drive aflame with the boost of natural foods? With your ruling planet, Pluto, making you deeply desirable and sexually delicious, you don't want to eat foods that make you tired and lethargic. Fresh fruit and veggies have a way of keeping your energy up without leaving you overloaded.

Sagittarius: World Cuisine: Healthy Recipes From Around The World. Don't worry Sagittarian. I would never confine you to one cuisine. We all know how much you like to travel and how one thing is never satisfying for you. This world-cuisine book provides a little bit of everything; you have lots of interests and passions to share.

Capricorn: Caribbean Cooking Made Simple. With all the work you do in your daily life, Capricorns need a cuisine that is hearty and filled with flavors. Practical Caribbean food is just that, allowing you to prepare dishes that will last a few days before you need to get back in the kitchen. It's great for packing a lunch for work and warming up for dinner too.

Aquarius: Plenty: Vibrant Vegetable Recipes from London's Ottolenghi. Aquarian sister, you care more about the needs of others than you do about your own. Vegetarian cuisines will simply give you piece of mind. You will enjoy your food best when you're assured no one or nothing was harmed before it got to your table, which is filled to capacity with family and friends.

Pisces: The Sensitive Gourmet: Imaginative Cooking Without Dairy, Wheat, or Gluten. Pisces, the body is not something you spend lots of time considering, but you do care very much about spirituality and what serves the heart of humanity. You are a sensitive soul, and your diet should speak to your peace of mind and body. Gluten-, wheat-, and dairy-free eating will lift your spirits even higher.

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