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Charitable Giving for Your Astrology

As we are getting ready the season of giving, let us remember the organization and people that work in non-profits that travel all around the world meeting the needs of those in crisis. What charity is doing work that aligns with the energy of your astrological sign? You might ask how this matters and I can only say that something's fit like a glove while others are just not quite and fit. Let your giving come from a soulful place that makes you and the recipient feel the magic.

Aries: Camp John Marc. Because Aries is the beginning and rules great starts, an awesome charity for you to support focuses on giving children and families high quality camping experiences that will change their lives. Camping involves using the body and developing skills that Aries find valuable. Give from your astrological soul and feel good way down deep.

Taurus: Midwest Food Bank. No one understands and appreciates the all that food means like a Taurus. Yes it's sustenance for our bodies, but food is also community, health, wellbeing and pleasure. A Taurus lives this truth and therefore a great charity for your giving is the Midwest Food Bank who seeks to eliminate poverty and hunger around our nation.

Gemini: Books for Africa. Gemini you know how important books are. Your love for reading, study and whit are nurtured by your passion for books, stories and communication. Let your giving be connected to your passion for learning. This organization has a simple mission, it distributes books to children in Africa.

Cancer: Safe Haven Family Shelter. Cancer you know better than most that home is where the heart is. Safe Haven is one of the few shelters that help their clients find permanent living once they leave the shelter. They take entire families, helping them build skills toward self-sufficiency.

Leo: Rosie's Theater Kids. Leo you know better than most how important it is to nurture that star quality within. Rosie's Theater Kids has created a safe space for at risk children to perform and rehearse for life. Put your giving where your heart is Leo, performance and being on stage is where it is for you.

Virgo: National Kidney Foundation. Virgo you are the most health oriented sign in the zodiac making it easy for you to support this organization. NKF helps fight obesity, diabetes, kidney disease and hypertension. This organization works in the area your heart is already planted dear Virgo.

Libra: Equal Justice Initiative. Dear Libra your pursuit of harmony and fairness is just what makes our world more beautiful. EJI is an organization that provides legal representation to those who are in the prison system who have not received adequate representation. Your love for fairness and justice makes the organization great for your giving Libra.

Scorpio: Direct Relief. Scorpio no one has the heart and skill to dive directly into the most difficult life and death situations quite like you. You are fearless and able to be with others when times are transitional and downright hard. Direct Relief is a reputable organization that does what it claims. You can count on your donations working.

Sagittarius: A Place for Hope. You love of philosophy makes you one of the most generous astrological signs of the zodiac. Not to mention you are a lover at your core, meaning you love everyone and want what's best for all. Foster care is a cause that will get your blood pumping dear Sag. When you give you mean to make a difference and everyone is better for it.

Capricorn: Habitat for Humanity. Volunteers who work with Habitat for Humanity believe in working as the actually build homes for families in need. Actually Habitat builds entire communities. Capricorn you are one dedicated soul. You know how to see something to beginning to end and Habitat could use your efforts or your donations.

Aquarius: Forever Young. Aquarians are the givers of the zodiac so it's highly likely you already know what charities need your supports. However, just in case, Forever young is a non-profit that focuses its efforts globally on the children facing significant challenges. Consider adding this organization to your long list of giving Aquarian water barrier.

Pisces: Greenville Humane Society. Everyone knows that Pisces people love pets, probably because you can hear their voices and feel them intuitively. The Greenville Humane Society is a no kill facility. They work with the community to find placements for all of its animals. Now isn't your heart happy Pisces?

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