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Oprah's Favorite Things (and Yours!)

She's still at it folks. Although Oprah no longer hosts a daytime television show, she's still completing a list of her favorite things and making them available for the masses. Everything on this year's list is a winner, but why not winnow the items down according to your (or your gift recipients') astrological sign? And by the way, if you're an Aquarius, like Oprah, the entire list will rock your world and your pocketbook.

Aries: Chelsea Market Baskets Torres Black Truffle Chip Basket. Aries, you my dear deserve a treat this holiday season. You give your body a lot of attention, and you should! Because you burn so much energy, you tend to thrive during the holidays. Treat yourself or another Aries to a basket of truffle chips. If Oprah says they're delicious, you better believe they are.

Taurus: The Ultimate Lacquer Wardrobe. That beauty thing you've got going on Ms. Taurus is all in a box with this boxed set of polish. Oprah says it reminds her of a box of Crayolas! How fun is that. Any Taurus will love having a box of beauty!

Gemini: African American Literature Set. A Gemini would love a boxed set of American literature by famous African American authorsAs a Gemini, that mind of yours is always curious and ready to explore. Take a journey back in time to the Harlem Renaissance and discover the heyday of African American art.

Cancer: Confetti Book Boxes. Cancer girls love being home and are often in search of new ways to keep their space comfortable and uncluttered. These boxes are both stylish and functional—the perfect combination for a Cancer

Leo: Fuji Film Instax Share SmartPhone Printer SP-1. Every Leo woman loves images of herself. This gift will allow her to print pictures directly from her smartphone. She'll be an even bigger hit than she already is with is perfect device.

Virgo: Typhoon Vision Digital Kitchen Scales. We all know a Virgo mama who is working to perfect her diet, her health, and the health of her family. This digital kitchen scale will help her get it just right. She'll love it, and will thank you for making her life so much better.

Libra: Happy Hour Cutting Board. A Libra will be in heaven chopping and dicing on this cutting board. Libra's are always in heaven, surrounded by beauty, creating balance and harmony in nearly every way. This happy hour board, which is every hour for a Libra, will take her over the moon.

Scorpio: Oprah and Deepak's 21-Day Meditation Transcendence Trio. Deep reflection and transcendence are Scorpio's middle and last name. This lady is usually on some path to enlightenment and what better companion gift than a boxed set of daily guided meditations.

Sagittarius: Deux Lux Woman's NYC Weekender. A long weekend here or an overnight stay there is commonplace for a Sagittarian lady. This roomy bag is a great gift for someone like her who's always on the go.

Capricorn: Apple Watch Sport. You can't go wrong with this gift for a Capricorn girl who is always dotting her i's and crossing her t's, all while keeping perfect time in the process. This smart watch is the ultimate personal device.

Aquarius: Pappas Signature Crab Cakes 8-Pack. There are two things you can be sure of when giving these delicious crab cakes to an Aquarian. First, she will absolutely love them. Second, she will surely want to share them with whomever she loves, so it's great that they come with eight in a box.

Pisces: Sweet Lady Jane Deep Dish Cherry Pie. Everything is a spiritual experience for a Pisces sister, so why not give her something that will light up her taste buds and have her feeling like the living angel she is. Pie = heaven.

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