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Which Johnny Depp Film Will Rock Your Astrological Sign?

The other day I'm watching 'Trainwreck', laughing like I'm going to lose my dinner because everything about the film is so funny. I loved the scene in which Amy Schumer and her coworker are in the bathroom sharing their favorite Johnny Depp film. It got me thinking: What is the best Johnny Depp film for each astrological sign. This will be fun, because Johhny Depp is about as sexy as they come.

Aries: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Aries, your adventurous spirit will awaken with Depp as the partner to Orlando Bloom's character. They are both racing to save Elizabeth Swann, Kiera Knightley's character, from her doom.

Taurus: Chocolat. Released fifteen years ago, this film still gets a girl's heart pounding and mouth watering. Especially a Taurus woman who knows her pleasure and makes it her business to have what she likes. Depp plays a gypsy who falls in love with the owner of the local chocolate shop. It's a delightful and timeless film.

Gemini: What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Gemini, you'll love dissecting this family and all the challenges they face. After the father's suicide, Depp plays the role of the young family caregiver. His life is disrupted when someone asks him to put his happiness before the needs of this family.

Cancer: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There's something about chocolate and Johnny Depp—they're both so delicious! And Cancer, your love for family and home will have you crying a river during this film. Depp brings a unique approach to the familiar character that makes the film fun for children and adults.

Leo: The Tourist. Leo, The Tourist this is all for you. Depp and Jolie are in Europe, on the run, dodging bullets and having an intense, romantic affair.

Virgo: Dark Shadows. Virgo, Dark Shadows will appeal to the part of you that loves to put things together and create order as well as the part of you that loves figuring out madness and chaos. You'll fall for the darkness in this film, largely because Depp does vampire in a way that gives new meaning to "nightwalker."

Libra: Alice Through the Looking Glass. Dear Libra you'll have to wait an entire year before you can lay your eyes on this Depp film. But rests assured you'll be fully satisfied with Tim Burton as the director. It will be fantastic, beautiful and timely, just the way you love things to be, Libra.

Scorpio: Transcendence. Scorpio, your love for deep thinking will have you over the moon for this Johnny Depp movie. Transcendence has Depp as a scientist whose consciousness grows so strong that he becomes an unstoppable force.

Sagittarius: The Man Who Cried. Sag, you will love this period piece. Depp is a poor but handsome horse trainer who falls in love with Suzi (Christina Ricci), but their romance is cut short when the Nazis' war machine comes to their town.

Capricorn: Donnie Brasco. Capricorn, because you like to keep it real, this Depp film will be just what you love, a true story about a clash of good and evil. Depp as Brasco is an undercover FBI agent whose personal life and work life start to merge.

Aquarius: Alice in Wonderland. As an Aquarius, your love for the eclectic is a perfect match for Depp's films. Alice in Wonderland is your story—free spirited, curious, and adventure seeking. With Depp as the Mad Hatter, you just may decide to stay down the rabbit hole.

Pisces: Into the Woods: Pisces, you love fantasy, art, and creativity at any angle. This film will simply rock your world, and Depp as the Wolf will give you reason to run home to grandma's house. This is a film where many classic children's tales collide into one fabulous musical. You not only get Depp but you also get Meryl Streep—singing! You'll be happy, Pisces.

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