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What American Small Town is for You?

Simple living is coming back. Did you know your astrological sign can determine what type of lifestyle you're best suited for? If you're thinking of moving to a small American town (especially if you're coming from a big metropolis), read this post first. And if you're not considering relocating, these are great vacation destinations.

Aries: Gelena, IL. This small town located in the northwestern part of Illinois is picturesque. Aries, you'll especially love Gelena because it offers plenty of outdoor activities (great golfing!), fine dining, and wine tastings too!

Taurus: St. Simons Island, GA. Touted as being the most romantic small town in the US, this is your destination, Taurus. You'll have a beach to play and lay on, great restaurants for dining, and activities galore. Taurus, your love for romance and beauty makes this island perfect to set up a homestead, or, if love is in the air, a destination wedding, that is if love is in the air.

Gemini: Lewisburg, WV. Gemini, your love for culture will make Lewisburg an excellent small town destination for you. Each year Lewisburg hostss a state fair, a literary festival and a concert series, which will have your Gemini brain full to the brim.

Cancer: Sitka, AK. Cancer, this city will call forth your love of nature as you witness the splendor of Alaska. A home away from home for a sensitive Cancer who loves the outdoors and the opportunity to explore new territory.

Leo: Sedona, AZ. The beauty of this town will knock your socks off. It may just be the most beautiful place on earth. You'll find luxury and wilderness here, inspiring the lion in you to stretch out and allow yourself to be pampered.

Virgo: Stuart, FL. The tropical climate will give your body and skin the healthy glow you desire. There's lots of sailing to be had, great seafood and relaxation for you, dear Virgo. You can put down your to-do list and do absolutely nothing in this tropical paradise.

Libra: Beaufort, NC, Libra, you'll get your senses tantalized in Beaufort. The antebellum architecture, farm fresh cheeses and handpicked pears will have your mouth water and your mind excited. Plus there are great farmers markets where you can purchase handmade crafts. There's enough beauty and creativity here to make you feel right at home, Libra.

Scorpio: Skaneateles, NY. If you enjoy beauty and privacy, this is your destination Scorpio. This small city is loaded with history dating back to the Revolutionary War. You'll enjoy museums, swimming, and idyllic views. Did I mention privacy?

Sagittarius: Durango, CO. Oh dear Sag, you'll actually think you've found heaven in Durango. This city has everything an active, social, and busybody Sagittarian desires. Visit any time of the year depending on your pleasure. There's skiing, rock climbing, horseback riding, and wineries. Pack your bags now because Durango is your small town.

Capricorn: Ketchum, ID. This majestic city is just what you need, Capricorn. The goat in you will revel on the mountain. You can consider this an active vacation, as you make your way up and down the slopes.

Aquarius: Mystic, CT. Mystic is a wonderful small town that will have you grinning from ear to ear. You'll find lots of socializing, restaurants, an aquarium, and scenic drives. This small town was made famous by the film Mystic Pizza, featuring Julia Roberts. It even has a "Mystic Pizza" trail for your adventurist side Aquarian.

Pisces: Avalon, CA. Pisces, you love the sea and living near it would certainly boost your sense of well-being and support your positive attitude about life. Avalon, California, also known as Catalina Island, is short boat ride off the coast of Southern California. Being surrounded by water will have you in your natural element, Pisces.

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