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Scorpio Power: Why Caitlyn Jenner Wins

One of the most talked about topics of 2015 has been Caitlyn Jenner's transformation from a man to a woman. And if you pay attention to astrology and know anything about the characteristics of Scorpios, you'll know that Caitlyn's changes have been true to her sign. Scorpios feel everything very deeply. Where those of other signs are able to ignore what is going within them, Scorpios are the opposite. They often live in a very deep inner world, feeling and sensing things that most would barely notice. They also have the power to make difficult and unpopular decisions.

If you want to make big changes in your life; changes that will give you the life you really desire or allow you to be who you deeply desire to be, call on your Scorpio power. If you have a sun, moon or ascendant in Scorpio, making such changes will easier for you than most. And if you have planetary placements such as Mars and Uranus in the eighth house, change is something you do well. Lean into the following qualities of Scorpios for your own transformation:

  1. Investigative Nature

Scorpios have an investigative nature that won't allow them to ignore any sensation or intuition that something is off. Caitlyn Jenner's ability to analyze a situation and make changes is what made her a world-class athlete. This is the same ability that gave her the strength to acknowledge her inner struggles and find the courage to make the very difficult choice to become a woman and live her authentic truth out loud.

2. Seeker of Intimacy

Scorpio is in a constant search for intimacy and deeper connections—to think of this in a sexual way only is an oversimplification. Caitlyn Jenner has been able to nurture a deep intimacy with herself, which has allowed her to know and accept herself without judgment. This is the highest form of self-love. To my mind, Caitlyn's self-love is more powerful than all the negativity from her naysayers and critics.

3. Crisis Expert

Scorpio is highly skilled at managing crises and high-risk situations. They tend to dwell in what I call the shadowy places, in which reside sexuality, death, money, and extreme circumstances. These are areas in which many people come undone. It is easy to see that Caitlyn is masterful at handling high energy, intense situations, and shadowy circumstances. As Bruce and now as Caitlyn, she has remained in the forefront of American culture, expanding under pressure where most of us would shatter. As a world-class athlete, Bruce accomplished the highest level of success. As a husband and father, he created a family while the world stood on the sidelines applauding and celebrating. Now as Caitlyn, she is taking this personal transformation like a champion, allowing the entire world to come along on a very deep and personal journey. She has not become a coward at any point. There has been no evidence of shame for being who she has become. This is pure Scorpio power at its highest level.

4. Sexual Essence

Finally sex! Scorpio rules sex. Sex is the most creative act in the universe because it can both produce children and be endlessly pleasurable. Within the act of sex are the powers for both life and death—it is the place where these worlds collide, and when approached consciously it can be transformative. Jenner has transformed the very core of her sexuality by transforming genders. She has offered the entire world an opportunity to witness the fluid nature of gender and all the possibilities therein. We have seen her rebirth before our very eyes. This is Scorpio power, the ability to die and be reborn.

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