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What Your Kids' Astrological Signs Say about Stocking Stuffers

I'm all about using astrology to know and support our children more affectively. Astrology can be a map for personality development, emotional influences, and tools for empowerment. Because kids are so driven by their emotions, it's always best to use their lunar signs (rather than their sun signs). For instance, my son's lunar sign is Virgo. He is crazy for order and cleanliness. My sun sign is Virgo, but my lunar sign is Gemini, and I struggle to keep order because my moon sign has more power than my sun sign. Of course, there are many factors at play here, and at the risk of oversimplification, the lunar sign influences how we feel, and when we are young how we feel is all that matters. To learn your child's lunar sign visit Astro.com.

So, what are the perfect stocking stuffers for your children from a lunar astrology point of view? Check out the items below as to what will get their attention, make them feel connected, excited, and fully engaged!

Aries: Ridley's Classic Jokes. Kids with an Aries lunar sign have a great and fiery sense of humor. They also need to stay active and engaged mentally and physically. This stocking stuffer will have everyone in stitches and your Aries moon child rolling on the floor with excitement.

Taurus: What I Love About You by Me. Children with a Taurus moon need to feel deep connections and seek them out with family and parents. This book is a good way to help them name what love looks and feels like for them. Give them a good start in communicating when they're young, and it will be easier for them to speak freely when they are adults.

Gemini: New Official Nasa Space Program Gemini Path Emblem Set. Every child with a Gemini lunar placement has expansive dreams and desires to reach the stars. They are curious, talkative, and excited about new information. This stocking stuffer will speak to their imaginations.

Cancer: Crew Socks. Cancer lunar placements means these children love being home, comfortable, and with family, especially mom. A great pair socks is a simple way of giving them a sense of warmth and connection.

Leo: Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss Holiday Gift Set. Every child with a Leo moon likes to shine in all the big (and small) ways possible. This nail polish gift set will give her the "star quality" she yearns for at holiday time.

Virgo: Herbivore Botanicals Dead Sea Salt Baths. Everyone with a lunar placement in Virgo is all about self-care, well-being, and order. This gift is great for the tween and teen Virgo to get them on their path of learning to relax and be calm.

Libra: Finger Nail Friends at the Zoo. Libra moon children are great at accessorizing and socializing. They love looking good and having everyone gather to witness their creations. These stickers make a fun stocking stuffer, allowing her to decorate her fingers and share the fun with the entire family.

Scorpio: Pez Star Wars Dispensers. Everyone loves the Star Wars saga, but not everyone can dig into its subtle and metaphorical meanings like a child or teen with a Scorpio moon. These kids feel everything and ask lots of questions as they process what they learn with what they feel. The Star Wars candies might lead them to a great adventure for their blossoming minds.

Sagittarius: Santa Beard Lollipop. Your child with a Sagittarian moon will also be experiencing the sun in Sag, and that means Christmas is extra-special to your baby. Get them something fun and sweet to delight in.

Capricorn: Mini Etch A Sketch. No child other than one with a Capricorn moon will have the fortitude to make magic with a Mini Etch A Sketch. These children are determined from the moment they were conceived. This gift will match their determination with a good, fun challenge.

Aquarius: Hamster Puzzle Eraser Set. Kids with an Aquarian moon are undeniably different. They stand out from the crowd, and they care about the well-being and happiness of everyone. This small and different gift will make your Aquarian moon baby feel unique in a sweet way.

Pisces: FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera. Children or teens with a Pisces lunar placement have big hearts, and they care deeply for animals and nature. These young people dream a lot, and an instant camera is a great way to help them bring their dreams to reality. Watch as they click images of things they love and decorate with them.

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