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Why Barack Obama Shines Brightly

It seems that nearly every day someone is either praising President Barack Obama or criticizing him for the very same reason. Behind all the politics is the president's astrological chart—Obama is someone who rose from virtual obscurity to become the leader of the free world. As a Leo, the president is an undeniable star, ruled by the sun, which is the center of our solar system; Leos have a quality that brings all attention to them. Whether you love them or not, they are as necessary to our existence as the sun is. Those people who have either a lunar or solar placement in Leo are born to be center stage in whatever field they choose. If you pay close attention to President Obama you will see that he seems to always have confidence and pride as a leader. This is the power of Leo. If you want to shine, be at the top of your game, be a leader in your field and community, call on your inner Leo and tap into the following qualities:

Drive for Success

Leos have a strong drive for success because of their deep desire to shine and be noticed. They will do the thing that most will stay away from in order to be seen. President Obama has made some unique choices as president. Do you remember how funny he was at the White House Correspondents' Dinner last spring? He's willing to take risks in order to entertain the public and to be seen as both human and presidential. His playfulness is in the name of fun, but ultimately he's about success and getting his agenda accomplished. Leos work every angle and consider every route to the desired outcome. Their high self-esteem along with their skill often means they're bound to win.


Leos are unfailingly optimistic. They always find a way to make good out of a tough situation and they have eternal hope. President Obama's optimism gave him the audacity to believe that a man of color could become the president of the United States. His optimism is so strong that it is contagious; he's been able to make others believe in him too. Calling forth your inner Leo will mean becoming unequivocally positive. With all that positivity, you're better able to stay focused and in the realm of possibilities and solutions, rather than in a place of fear and defeat.


Leos have a way of saying the tough things others wouldn't dare say. They are headstrong and opinionated to a fault. Recall the time President Obama reminded Congress that he had no more campaigns to run? When a situation requires him to put his adversaries in their place, he will do exactly that and keep moving. A Leo is willing to stand strong in his or her position. Are you up to this? Being dominant may not be the most lovable trait, but a strategic Leo knows when to be controlling and when to back off.

Affectionate and Loving

Leos are affectionate and very passionate. They have big feelings when it comes to romantic matters and go the distance for love. They are also spontaneous and loyal. Combine their passionate nature with their desire for attention and you'll see that loving a Leo can be a great adventure. President Obama has always declared and openly displayed his love for Michelle. He is fierce in his admiration of her intelligence and her skillful and loving parenting. I find that he is more openly affectionate and playful with Michelle than other modern presidents have been with their spouses. If you want a relationship that is filled with passion, fire, and mutual admiration bring out your inner Leo.

Other famous Leos:

Bill Clinton, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Lucille Ball, Ben Affleck

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