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The Jennifer Lawrence Film for Your Sign

Jennifer Lawrence is back again in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay–Part 2. I highly recommend you check it out. Lawrence is a star so hot she's almost aflame. Which character played by Lawrence serves up the power, beauty, and intelligence that match your potential? Let your astrological chart lead you to the Lawrence film that will ignite your fire.

Aries: X-Men: First Class. In this first of her X-Men movies, Lawrence plays Mystique, is a shape-shifting mutant who is able to become anyone. In addition to being able to shape shift her body, being beautiful and kicking ass, the movie is action filled. Aries you'll love this film for the action, but even more so for the way it will inspire the "I am" power within you, which is your motto. .

Taurus: Serena. Taurus, you'll find a connection to power and beauty in this film. Lawrence portrays a smart, beautiful, and hard-working woman who falls in love with the owner of a timber company. This role exhibits the mix between female strength and love, capturing the essence of Taurus.

Gemini: Silver Linings Playbook. Gemini, you love the mind and spend lots of time thinking about the world and its many moving parts. Mental Illness is the theme for this film, Gemini, and you'll be fascinated by what the mind can do when it's compromised. Lawrence, who plays the friend of a deeply challenged man, won an Academy Award her role.

Cancer: Winter's Bone. Not a warm and fuzzy film in the least, Cancer. As a matter of fact it's a thriller. Lawrence's character fights to keep her home and siblings together after her father jeopardizes the property by not showing up for a court date. Cancer, you will do everything to keep your home safe and secure. This movie captures your spirit.

Leo: The Burning Plain. This film will drive deep into the heart of Leo. A woman struggling with her history and her deep sexual desires goes on a journey that connects her with others dealing with romantic challenges. No knows issues of love and the heart like Leo. Lawrence is just one of the complicated characters in this highly acclaimed film.

Virgo: The Hunger Games. Virgo, you'll really appreciate Lawrence in this film. She's a woman who lives off the land, self-sufficient, and in service to her family and community. When push comes to shove, she sacrifices her own freedom to save her younger sister from being sent to the games. The character captures Virgo's skill and service to others.

Libra: Passenger. Libra, this film won't be released until next year, but it's already being touted as one of the best of 2016. About her role, Lawrence has been quoted as saying, it offered her her "first sex scene. I had to get drunk to do it because it was so weird and my costar is married." Her analytical mind is so Libra.

Scorpio: American Hustle. Scorpio, you have an amazing ability to go into the unsavory spaces and thrive. Nothing can hurt you because you aren't afraid of anything—Scorpio is the sign that masters life and death with ease. Lawrence's character is Scorpio to the core in this film, surprisingly strong and cunning.

Sagittarius: The Poker House. Sagittarian, you'll appreciate this dark movie, which deals with drug addiction, abuse, and child neglect. Lawrence plays the daughter of drug-addicted mother; they are poor and subject to crime and the difficulties of poverty. Your Sagittarian spirit can see into the human condition and find compassion like none other.

Capricorn: Joy. This film was inspired by the life of Joy Mangano, the creator of the Miracle Mop. Capricorn, this is your Lawrence film. In this role Lawrence works hard, digs deep, and makes something out of nothing, the way only a Capricorn can.

Aquarius: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Aquarius, you'll find your nature in this film. Lawrence's character is forced to return to the games and fight experienced killers in order to save her sister's life. She sacrifices herself for the well-being of others and kicks butt doing so. With all the ways you give to those you love, you'll find yourself in this film.

Pisces: Like Crazy. Dear Pisces you understand the struggle for love like none other. Lawrence's character so longs for her live-in boyfriend's affections that her choices are compromised. You will be enlivened by the love between the characters in this movie and their challenges in staying connected.

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