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Weight Loss Tips for Every Sign

Every woman wants to have control over her weight. We all know exercise and diet are key elements to managing our weight and our health, but did you know there are little things you can practice that can help you maintain your weight? There are several small tricks you can do daily to help you with our long-term weight-management goals. Here are some great ideas, selected for each sign according to its strengths and predilections.

Aries: Create a Kick-Ass Play List. Aries you love to move, but did not you know that those who exercise to music usually exercise longer than those who don't? Music is a great distraction, so keep your body in motion by turning on your favorite tunes!

Taurus: Stop Relying on Processed Food. Rather than eating processed foods, make a choice to prepare your meals from scratch using fresh ingredients. Processed foods have more fat, sodium, and preservatives than natural foods, which all cause weight gain.

Gemini: Write Down What You Eat. When we write down what we eat it's as if we are telling on ourselves, so we tend not to eat the things that aren't on our diet plan. Keeping a food journal also helps us lose weight and keep it off because it clarifies where our weaknesses lie.

Cancer: Learn How Sugar Is Disguised. Sugar is a huge culprit in weight gain. Cancer, you might well have a sweet tooth, but if you want to keep your weight down, learn to read labels and understand where sugar is hidden.

Leo: Finish Breakfast with Something Sweet. People who give themselves regular sweet treats early in the day tend to manage their weight better than those who deny themselves treats. Over an extended period of time those who have some sweets keep their goals while those who impose rigid food choices gain their weight back.

Virgo: Early Morning Workouts. If you want to keep your weight off, working out early in the morning is one of the best ways to do this, especially for the meticulous Virgo. Morning exercise gets your metabolism going and in that way helps you burn calories all day. Plan your day perfectly after you've exercised early.

Libra: Pay Cash for Groceries. It's always best to pay cash for your groceries. We are less likely to purchase unnecessary items when we see our cash flow dwindling. With your need for balance, Libra, you'll avoid overspending on less nutritious foods.

Scorpio: Eat More Fiber. Fiber helps our bodies clear out. Think of fiber as a broom sweeping out the colon. If you eat more fiber and drink more water, you'll be better able to manage your weight for an extended period of time. This is an easy trick for a Scorpio who likes a holistic approach to well being.

Sagittarius: Get Enough Sleep. Sagittarians love being on the go, but for those of us who are super active and have very busy schedules, adequate sleep is king. Being tired causes many people to overeat. Rather than pushing our bodies beyond our limits, it's better to rest.

Capricorn: Eat a Big Breakfast. We've all heard that people who eat breakfast tend to manage their weight more effectively than those who do not. Eating a big breakfast gets the metabolism going. People who skip breakfast often overeat and make bad food choices once they have their first meal. Being methodical about meals is something that comes naturally to a Capricorn.

Aquarius: Eat Meals with No Distractions. People who eat while watching television, surfing the net, or working tend to miss the signals the body gives when it is full. And so distracted eating results in the overconsumption of calories. Aquarius, give yourself the love you deserve by treating your meals as a time-out from the day.

Pisces: Check Your Medicine Cabinet. Pisces, you're so into the metaphysical, you might be inclined to overlook the more tangible aspects of your live. If you've had a hard time losing or maintaining your weight, there is likely a culprit you haven't considered. What medications are you taking? What are the side effects? If your medications might be a factor, ask your doctor to help you find other remedies and see if your dosages are right for your body.

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