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Happy Birthday Sagittarians: Brad Pitt

The Sun has moved into the Sagittarius mansion and that means the holiday season is upon us. Sagittarius have great interest in religion, spirituality, philanthropy and travel. They are often very attracted to the outdoors and need lots of physical activity to find balance and harmony. Don't put it pass a Sagittarian to say exactly what is on her mind either. If she's thinking it there is a great chance that she'll share it, even if it's prickly or a tender subject. Sagittarians don't mix words and shoot straight from the hip, almost always. So put on your big girl panties when a Sagittarian is in the room. The good thing is their humanitarian spirit, usually means that what they say is rooted in love. However their love for travel and relationship can often cause these bleeding hearts to have a wondering eye. Did I mention they bore easily? Sagittarians love adventure in all ways. They are free spirits at their core.

Brad Pitt is a Sagittarian and he and his wife Angelina are releasing their new film By the Sea the November. Brad Pitt is highly admirable and desirable in most women's eyes. However Pitt is more than a successful actor and sexiest man. His Sagittarian influences speak loudly in the ways he lives his purpose and tells stories that bring truth to the masses. While the Sun is in the Sagittarian mansion we can each use this energy to harness some of the characteristic we admire in Sagittarians.

Sagittarians preach and philosophize with their words and actions.

Brad Pitt's 9th Ward clean up.

After Hurricane Katrina Pitt started a not-for-profit, Make it Right, where he raised over 30 million to rebuild homes in the poorest community is New Orleans. Once a Sagittarian understands the big picture, which is this case was many poor people would be displaced and New Orleans would lose its cultural center, Pitt moved into action rejuvenating this 9th Ward. When a Sagittarian sees for themselves where the system is failing and how others are adversely impacted they get busy gathering resources, dedicating their time and energy to make it right. If you are interested in make a difference in your community, work environment or home call forth the Sagittarian influences available this month to us all.

12 Years a Slave.

One the most highly acclaimed films of this decade was produced by Brad Pitt, 12 Year a Slave. This is a true and gruesome film about a free black man who was kidnapped and sold into slavery for twelve years. Pitt's character plays a Canadian who gets word to the authorities helping the captured man get home to his family. Pitt not only acts but produces films that like 12 Years a Slave that educate the masses about historical and difficult subject matters. He is not afraid to push the envelope and uses his fame and power to entertain, inform and serve others.


Before marrying Angelina Jolie and created a huge family with her, Pitt had a string of romances with many leading ladies and beautiful women including Thandy Newton, Gywneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston (married). Sagittarians love new love. Actually they bore easily unless they are fully engaged on nearly every level by life and their life partners. If their relationships don't have something deeply soul connecting, like a great purpose outside of them, you can bet your Sag will wonder. If you're a Sag and you're bored in your relationship, find something else to engage you at the heart level.

Other Famous Sagittarians: Miley Cyrus, Raven Symone, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Scarlett Johansson and Jamie Foxx

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