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Which Pixar Film is Right for Your Child?

Over the years, Pixar has made a number of great films that entertain children and adults alike. If you're a parent you've likely watched your children become addicted to one Pixar film after another. And because young children are more strongly influenced by their lunar sign than by their sun sign, you'll want to direct them to films that most strongly resonates with their lunar astrology. Identify your child's or children's lunar sign, and check out these recommendations for films that will speak to their mind and heart:

Aries: The Incredibles. The Incredibles are a not-quite-perfect superhero family. Every child with an Aries lunar placement will relate to the action, the bodily power, and the strong family bonds. This Pixar film is sure to knock their Aries moon socks off.

Taurus: Ratatouille. The mind of a child with a Taurus moon resides in his or her belly. This Pixar film will delight Taurus children as the French rat pursues the dream to become a chef.

Gemini: Brave. Those children with a Gemini moon are self-determined, self-thinking, and self-regulating. They are independent to a fault (or it their independence their greatest strength?). Parenting kids with a Gemini moon is not a cakewalk because their thinking is advanced, just like the headstrong Scottish princess in Brave.

Cancer: Inside Out. Sensitive Cancer moon children will learn everything they need to know about their feelings watching this film. Heck, the entire family will learn about feelings from this Pixar movie. It became a classic the moment they released it.

Leo: Toy Story. Children with the moon in Leo relate to the desire to be special, in particular, how to manage this desire when dealing with others who want the same recognition. This is a great Pixar film to teach your child about change, special relationships, and self-worth.

Virgo: A Bug's Life. Children with a moon in Virgo are no doubt perfectionists and love cleanliness. They also love nature and creepy crawling things because the earth is their playground. A bug won't scare them and in this movie, will open their minds.

Libra: Toy Story 2. Children with a Libra moon value relationships above all else. They are great at making friends and even better at making their friends feel special. Toy Story 2 is a Pixar movie about relationships and the lengths the characters go to to help their friends.

Scorpio: Monsters. Children with moon in Scorpio don't really scare easily. What most find scary they find intriguing and curious. Even Scorpio moon babies don't fear the dark side.

Sagittarian: Up. Every child with a Sagittarian moon needs to travel and see distant lands and peoples. It's just in their nature. Inspire your lunar Sag to have adventures all their lives, and not wait until their seniors like the retired widower of Up.

Capricorn: Toy Story 3. Capricorn moon sign children have what it take to endure. They learn lessons at every turn because their ruler Saturn demands as much. Toy Story 3 teaches one great lesson—life always has more adventures to offer if you stay open to them.

Aquarius: Wall-E. Only a child with an Aquarian moon placement has the metaphysical mind to have a deep and profound appreciate for Wall E. This is a tale about robot who collects trash and the journey he has after the apocalyptic occurs.

Pisces: Finding Nemo. Yes, the Pisces symbol is two fish swimming in a circle and yes your child with a moon in Pisces will relate to the aquatic aspect. But they will also love the relationships between the protagonist and his father and all the obstacles he faces getting back home. Finding Nemo is a great, creative adventure that children with a moon placement in Pisces will relish.

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