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Anne Hathaway: Scorpio Mom

Anne Hathaway is having her first child! She may be known for her great work in films like The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada and Les Miserables, but she's start her biggest role ever in just a few months. Motherhood changes everything, and it will for this Scorpio mother too. What type of mother will Hathaway be? I'm sure everyone is curious and all the cameras will be pointed in her direction for years to come, hoping to get a glance. But a good look at her birth chart takes the guesswork out of this issue. Anne's sun sign is Scorpio and her moon sign is Libra, a combination that is all deep feeling, intense love, balance, privacy, and drive toward beauty.


Influenced by Scorpio, Hathaway more than likely has an investigative nature that will send her on a search for the best and highest quality foods for herself and her child during and after pregnancy. Scorpios take time learning and understanding everything that will impact their lives. They read ingredients and make the best choices toward health. Pregnancy will probably heighten Hathaway's curiosity, sending her on a search for the best doctors, midwives, and support during her pregnancy and after. There will be no aspect of her birthing experience and baby's life that she hasn't considered from every angle.


Scorpios are highly intuitive and able to pick up on signals and signs from the universe. This is a highly valuable skill as a mother, and I'm guessing Hathaway is also deeply mystical in her approach to spirituality. This will make mothering a uniquely intuitive experience, as she'll be able to tap into her child's needs and feelings very easily. She may even be able to predict some events before they occur through dreams or psychic thoughts.


We can bet that Hathaway is as excited about her pregnancy as any mother, and as a Scorpio, she is surely deeply passionate about all that she does. Scorpio mothers tend to have an endless wellspring of desire and energy that envelopes those they love and care for. Any child of a Scorpio will feel prized, adored, and wanted at his or her core. Children of a Scorpio mother will never need to guess if they are loved.


Anne's Libra moon will add a level of balance to her Scorpio intensity. A Libra moon is airy, fun, and easy to relate to. People with a Libra moon also value relationships and place harmony with others as a priority. They are wonderful mothers because they have a great softness within their emotional worlds.


One aspect of those with a Libra moon that will help their parenting is they are able to put the needs of others before their own. Parenting can ask for seemingly endless sacrifices, especially in the early years. Hathaway will give over her needs for her child with pleasure.

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